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10 Best Ad Networks to Earn Money, Google AdSense Alternatives

Before going to the topic of discussion, do you know what Google AdSense is? Google adsense is an advertising service program managed by Google itself. There are several types of ads displayed by google adsense such as video, text, images, or text along with images. All these ads are regulated by Google with a certain algorithm and strictly for the mutual benefit of advertisers and publishers. If you are a blogger, you know the importance of ad networks. Why is that? because the right ad network will help to monetize the website without hindering the user experience.

There are many ways to make money with a website. Placing ads on blogs is a great way to generate passive income with very little effort. Getting Google AdSense approval is a dream for bloggers. Very often a publisher doesn’t get approved or rejected for some reason. This can happen because many websites do not meet the requirements to register to become an AdSense publisher. Don’t despair, because this article will let you know that there are still many best Google AdSense ad alternatives that you can use. Here are 10 of the best ad networks besides Google AdSense that you can try to earn money.

1. Evadav
EvadavEvadav is a new ad network that focuses on native ads. They provide various ad formats like pop under ads, smartlink, mobile interstitials, push notifications and many more. All creatives are approved as a safe brand or brand and they have competitive CPMs that work for both desktop and mobile devices. You can customize and select ad units to suit your website design and they will provide weekly payments which are very convenient for publishers.

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