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10 Best and Cheap Web Hosting Services

When deciding to plunge into the world of internet business and you need a media in the form of a website or blog to help your business, the next thing you must determine is to choose the hosting service that you are going to use, because if you are wrong in choosing the wrong hosting then that’s the same thing. by killing your own business, and you need to know that the best hosting will make your website or blog accessible quickly and increase your site’s ranking in search engines.

Best and Cheap Web Hosting ServicesThe 10 hosting companies listed below are reliable and you should try for your website or blog, at an affordable or cheap price, rich in features, and offer the best shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server at a low price and this is a list of services best hosting.

1. Blue Host
BlueHostBlueHost hosting is one of the hosting companies that I highly recommend. BlueHost is very popular and widely used throughout the world, and has been ranked number one on the list of the best hosting in the world. This hosting provider has also become a hosting service recommended by WordPress.org aka WordPress Self Hosting in 2012 and 2013.

BlueHost itself began opening their services in 1996 by obtaining an A + rating on the BBB. When you register on this service, then you are entitled to get a free domain (this rule can change at any time). They promise reliable performance with 99.9% uptime and won’t let your site down.

2. SiteGround
SiteGroundSiteGround has been established since 2004 and now serves more than 500,000 domains worldwide. Just like the average large hosting, this company also serves shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and of course dedicated servers.

Siteground is widely used by WordPress and Joomla users. Especially for WordPress users, this service has special support that is better than other similar hosting. Not only that, Siteground is known to have good support, which can resolve user complaints very precisely, quickly and professionally. If you need their help via live chat or telephone, you can get it instantly without any significant waiting time to get connected.

3. iPage
iPageiPage not only has a relatively affordable price, but also has been named as one of the best hosting services in 2016. They offer hosting services starting at $ 1.99 per month. This price is a very good investment for those of you who want to have a website for micro businesses or want hosting at a very affordable price of good quality.

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Various hosting packages provided by iPage include shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, manage hosting and dedicated hosting. iPage is owned by the same company that owns BlueHost and Hostgator (EIG) so that the facilities it has are almost similar to the two hosting sites. This service provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and supports various CMS. In addition, iPage is also famous for having a level of security which is one of the best among all hosting companies.

4. HostGator
HostGatorHostGator is one of the best hosting with its performance and support team. This hosting company has been established since 2002, and was founded by Brent Oxley. You could say Hostgator is the largest hosting provider in the world because it has a domain registered more than 8.5 million in their hosts.

Hostgator offers features that are quite complete at a reasonable price. They provide dozens of scripts that can be installed in one click and promise a 99.99% uptime guarantee. As I stated that their support is amazing, this is reflected in the 850+ number of employees, customer support and professional technical teams who are always ready to help users. Each registered customer can get approximately 4500 free templates.

5. JustHost
JustHostJustHost is another leading hosting provider that is highly recommended because it also has exceptional service. The company was developed by a group of companies in 2008 by Christ Philips from the United Kingdom. To manage multiple domain hosts and blogs in one account, it can be said that JustHost is the cheapest option. This happens because they also provide a free domain and facilities to manage multiple sites on one shared account. JustHost dares to promise a 99.99% up time guarantee, but according to some users, they argue that JustHost’s uptime is not purely at that number, but is below 98%. But in the majority of cases, they will give you a notification in advance if there really will be downtime.

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Some of the advantages of JustHost include free domain transfer facilities, unlimited disc space and also unlimited bandwidth, site builders and also hundreds of free themes and templates to create the site you want, and no less interesting is the advertising credit for Google, Bing and Facebook worth $ 175.

6. FatCow
FatCow has been established since 1998, which means they are very experienced in managing a website, be it for individual users or for businesses. If you want to start your professional blog or open an online shop on a small scale, then FatCow is the most recommended for you.

FatCowThis hosting provider offers quite a number of features for its customers, including site backups, SSL certificates, professional SEO services and SiteLock. This site also supports various CMS, like Joomla, Drupal and of course WordPress with just one click install. It also includes free themes and templates that they provide and are ready for download.

For your business weapon, this hosting gives you $ 100 advertising credit for Adwords, $ 50 for Facebook Ads and $ 25 for Bing and Yahoo. Although having cPanel is a little different from most hosting, Fatcow provides vDeck to their users as well as unlimited email accounts just like iPage.

7. WebHostingHub
WebhostingHub is one of the best web hosting services based in the United States of America and operates in the State of Virginia. The company is owned by two people, namely Todd Robinson and Sunil Saxena, and has been serving hosting services since 2006. In a short time, they succeeded in capturing the market for providing excellent performance at a relatively affordable price.

WebhostingHubWebhostingHub dare to offer a money back guarantee with the longest period compared to other companies, which is up to 90 days. In one single account, you can host multiple accounts on this site. The cost you use will be more efficient if you choose to use a 36 month package at a time. If it’s only one year, then the price can be higher.

Some of the advantages of WebhostingHub include 99.9% up time guarantee, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free access to 310 applications, free domains, advertising credits and also CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal in just one click install.

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8. HostMonster
HostMonsterHostMonster was founded in 1996 and is one of the major hosting providers located in the United States. Apart from offering service packages at relatively affordable prices, this company also offers a money back guarantee at any time if you are not satisfied with their performance.

HostMonster is arguably an excellent choice for e-business owners because they offer features that strongly support eCommerce with templates and powerful multimedia tools. They dare to guarantee 99.9% up time for customers because each of their servers is under the supervision of professional staff.

9. InMotionHosting
InMotionHostingFor 10 consecutive years, InMotionHosting has been ranked as the best web hosting service provider by Cnet and also received an A + grade from BBB. This hosting provider offers a variety of packages that you can choose according to your needs, namely Personal, Business, Dedicated Server or VPS hosting. If your website is relatively new and maybe you will only manage one or two websites with not much data, then the personal package is the best for you. But if you plan to have many websites, then you can choose a business account.

InMotion facilitates a 90-day money back guarantee and a 99.9% up time guarantee. They also provide free backup facilities for their customers, which are said to be features that cannot be 100% provided by its competitors. In cPanel, you will get ease in setting up email, accessing FTP login information and configuring DNS as another plus.

10. WebHostingPad
WebHostingPadWith special offers, you can get hosting services at WebHostingPad for $ 1.99 / month. With a relatively affordable price, this hosting company that was founded in 2005 is eyeing many personal blog owners and micro businesses. In addition to offering pretty good features, WebHostingPad also provides advertising vouchers that their customers can use to promote their sites to various social media networks.

WebHostinPad promises 99.9% up time guarantee with good free technical support. If the traffic on your website is not in the thousands at the same time, then your website is guaranteed to never experience downtime problems.