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10 Best Native Ads Networks to Make Money on Your Site

When you choose to become a webmaster, there are various ways you choose to make money from your site. One of the easiest is to join various advertising platforms that give you the opportunity to make money from advertising banners.

When talking about advertising platforms, of course we are familiar with ad formats in the form of banners on a PPC or CPM basis. Now, publishers can also taste the type of ads in the form of native ads that have a widget-like appearance and appear to be part of the website content itself.

Understanding Native Ads
Native ads are one of the ad formats that are currently popular and are a favorite among publishers. As mentioned above, native ads appear as if they are part of the website content itself.

With this camouflage display, native ads tend to get more clicks than banners that are clearly visible from the start as advertisements. As a result, this native ad CTR tends to be high, especially if the ad content that appears is very relevant to the article.

Best Native Ads Platform Recommendations
For the past few years, publishers have tasted native ads to make money from their sites. If you’re interested in trying it out, here are the best native ads network recommendations you can try:

1. Revcontent
RevcontentRevcontent is one of the best native ads platforms with very fast development. Although a number of the same native ad networks were already present, and even 5 years after Outbrain and Taboola, Revcontent quickly caught up and even shifted the two popular platforms. It was even mentioned that the Revcontent network has now surpassed Amazon and YouTube users.

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Some exclusive partnerships with Revcontent include The Christian Post, International Business Time, Newsweek, Diply, Heavy.com, and others.

MgidJust like other native-based advertising companies, MGID also pays its publishers based on CPM and CPC. Ads in the form of native images with various formats that can be adjusted by yourself is suitable to be installed in the widget below the article or on the sidebar.

This MGID will be suitable for websites that already have quite high traffic because the CPC value is also quite high.

3. Outbrain
OutbrainThis outbrain is one of the seniors in the native ads network. Since starting its service in 2006, Outbrain has managed to hook giant websites to distribute their content, such as the New York Post, The Daily Telegraph, ESPN, Fortune, Time, CNN, Atlantic Media, and many more.

Outbrain works by targeting behavior to increase user engagement and provide recommendations for several types of videos, including online, mobile, and video.

4. Taboola
TaboolaTogether with Outbrain, Taboola is the most popular native ads platform in the world today. Taboola provides widgets for online publishers to display promotional content, including articles, videos and slideshows.

Compared to other platforms, the quality of content recommended by Outbran is usually higher than Taboola because they have a system to identify spam content and low quality content.

Some of Taboola’s major partners include the BBC, USA Today, TMZ, Business Insider, the Chicago Tribune, the Daily Mail, and the Boston Globe.

5. Nativo
Nativo is a native ads network that is also growing rapidly. Nativo itself is an alternative for publishers who are reluctant to use Outbrain, Taboola, and Revcontent.

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When this article was published, they already hooked up to 300 brands and 350 publishers to join their platform.

6. TripleLift
TripleLiftAs a newcomer to the native ads network, TripleLift managed to get its own place. How this platform works is not much different from other platforms where advertisers can create content-based campaigns and place them on the publisher’s network of sites.

Some of the big advertisers affiliated with TripleLift include Nissan GAP, Microsoft, JetBlue, Land Rover, AT&T, USA Today, Atlantic Media, Kraft, eHow, and many more. Until now, they claim to have had more than 400 advertisers and more than 2300 publishers.

7. Adnow
Adnow is a native ads ad network based in London with a native ad concept that is very similar to the site’s content. With the concept they have, native Adnow ads are very fitting if it is displayed under posts like Related Post.

Adnow ads can also be placed in the sidebar or combined with other ads, such as Google Adsense and other advertising platforms.

8. NativeAds.com
NativeAds.comNativeAds.com is known as one of the most popular premium advertising networks. One of the best of these platforms is their compatibility with Google Adsense.

Unfortunately, ads from NativeAds.com tend not to offer high per click rates. The price offered is usually in the range of 1-3 cents per click. If you expect fantastic results from this platform, you may be disappointed. Even so, NativeAds.com is known as a stable and secure advertising platform with clear rules and guidelines.

9. Conten.ad
Content.adContent.ad is quite popular and can be juxtaposed with advertising market pioneers such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent. They also have a large and quality network of publishers and advertisers.

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Content.ad is often recommended as an alternative when your website is not approved by Revcontent, Outbrain, or Taboola, with an easier approval process. Content.ad claims that their platform has aired in more than 20 billion page views a month.

10. Earnify
Earnify is the last popular native ads network that we discuss here. With this platform, advertisers have full control on advertisements, good quality traffic, and also mature targeting.

Earnify works by using the CPA method and conducting a site review before approving it. The reporting system conducted by this site is also real-time so that it can be more easily monitored.