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10 Best Smartphone Apps for Travel You Should Use

These days, Smartphones play an important role in our daily activities and on special occasions like traveling the world, this Phone can make your life easier. Maybe you have been feeling confused for a few days when you want to plan your trip, now you can simply use your Smartphone to do it for you. For example, If you want to book a hotel for you and your family, you can find many apps that will help you choose the best hotel at a reasonable price. Traveling around the world has never been easier.

Well, here we will review 10 of the best travel applications to make your trip more enjoyable and maybe reduce a little dizziness in your head.

1. Uber
UberUber is a transportation service that you can use to get around. Uber is one of the most useful apps which you can use when traveling, Uber is available in most of the countries and they provide the best transportation system. We’re all familiar with Taxi scams so it’s better to be safe than sorry and choose the best option available. When traveling locally or internationally, this App can save you a lot of trouble.

2. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisorTripAdvisor is one of the most useful apps you can find on the AppStore. TripAdvisor can help you in a thousand ways. You can download local guides, Familiarize yourself with nearby hotels and restaurants, Read reviews on various hotels and restaurants. This is also one of the apps that you must have on your smartphone at all times and at the end of the day. this app can be very useful.

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3. CouchSurfing
CouchSurfingCouchSurfing is an excellent application if you are traveling alone. CouchSurfing is an app that lets you live the way the locals want, make new friends, and actually travel for free. At Couch Surfing, An Host offers his place where you can spend your days and you don’t have to pay anything to stay with him. The whole idea of ​​this app is that Humanity is still alive and people are good. But make sure to do your research before using this app and this App is not for you if you are traveling with family. It’s a great way to meet some fun people and make good memories.

4. Airbnb
AirbnbAirbnb is a popular App which you can use to book Hotels, Rent Houses, and more. You can simply use their App or Website to book hotels or rent houses. Airbnb has a pretty good reputation and this can also be very useful, I would definitely advise you to book your room using this app. You can also filter rates, number of rooms and more and if you find something you like you can book it straight through the app.

5. Booking.com
Booking.comBooking.com is among the most popular and highly rated travel apps out there. Its main feature is having over one million hotels, motels, and other accommodations at its disposal. Additionally, it has info on local attractions, landmarks, and even local WiFi hotspots. There are also some convenience tools like offline maps, paperless booking, adding reservations to your calendar, and more. It’s a good place to start if you’re planning a trip although you may want to cross-check with similar apps before making a commitment. The app itself is completely free to use. It provides a somewhat typical experience in terms of traveling apps.

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6. GasBuddy
GasBuddyGasBuddy is a road tripper’s best friend. Or at least it could be. The basic premise of the app is to help you find the cheapest gas that is also closest to you. Those on the road can find the nearest gas station in case they’re in the need of a fill up. The app is crowd sourced so you can report new gas prices if the ones you saw in the app were inaccurate. That way it helps everybody to help everybody else. Not that it’ll matter much, but they also run a daily promotion for $100 in free gas. The design is good and the whole experience is really easy to use. The app may sell your data, though, so those who value privacy may want to steer clear.

7. Skyscanner
SkyscannerFinding the most suitable and cheapest flights for your trip can be difficult, but Skyscanner can help you deal with this headache. Skyscanner is a very popular app that lets you compare flight costs and helps you book flights without hidden costs. You can use Skyscanner to find the most suitable flights for your trip. It is best to save money on your flights by booking the cheapest one so I challenge you to check out this App.

8. Trivago
TrivagoWhen making a reservation for Hotels, you can only find the cheapest hotels using Trivago. This is an International application and can be used in more than 100 countries. With more than 50 million downloads and 250 thousand + Reviews, it is considered the best app for booking hotels worldwide. The app is also user friendly which makes it easy to use by anyone. Hotel? Trivago, you may have heard their slogan, someone, because it is very popular in the internet world.

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9. Google Translate
Google TranslateWhen traveling internationally, you need to communicate with many locals and read a lot of Navigation boards to help you navigate and in such cases you can use Google Translate to help you translate local languages. All you have to do is point the camera over the script and it will automatically be translated into your language. Google Translate can be very useful when you are traveling abroad so I would recommend you to use this app.

10. Speak & Translate – Translator
Speak & Translate AppSuppose you are visiting China and you need to communicate with the locals for directions, What do you do? Hiring translators is expensive, right? Now you can easily communicate with the locals using the Speak & Translate App. Unfortunately, this app is only available on the Apple store and has over 200 thousand reviews and is considered one of the best apps to use when traveling internationally. You can save a lot of money by using this app instead of hiring local translators.