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10 Best Universities in UK, Choose Your Favorite School

Apart from being synonymous with the uniqueness of its government, Britain also looks very advanced in its education sector. This can be seen in various world-class university research, several universities in the UK have been able to break the top 10.

10 Best Universities in UKThe credibility of education in the UK is not in doubt. Scientists who were born from large colleges there have described the extent to which the quality of education in England.

In this review, we will explain the 10 best universities in the UK according to the 2014 QS World University Rankings®:

1. University of Cambridge
University of CambridgeThe University of Cambridge is a fraction of the University of Oxford. It is said that in 1209, several scholars fled from Oxford after fighting over a problem with the residents around Oxford. The association of scholars who fled to the city of Cambridge finally founded the University of Cambridge in 1209.

Just like Oxford, the University of Cambridge is also able to become a prestigious university in Great Britain and even the world. The intense competition between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge has led the public to often call him Oxbridge. These two universities do have strict selection rules, because they are indeed the most prestigious universities in Great Britain and even the world. In the QS World University Rankings® ranking, the University of Cambridge is ranked as the first best university in the UK and the 3rd best in the world.

2. University College London (UCL)
University College London (UCL)Ranked second best in the UK’s best university is University College London (UCL). University College London (UCL) is a public research university located in Bloomsbury, London, England. This university is the largest and oldest college in London. Starting in 1826, this university was formerly known as the University of London, founded as a secular educational institution, to admit students freely regardless of religion or gender.

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The university has 10 faculties, including the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Thought Sciences, the Faculty of Environmental Empowerment, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The university is also the 4th best university in the world.

3. Imperial College London
Imperial College LondonImperial College London is the 3rd best college in the UK and 5th best in the world. Imperial College London is located in London, England. This university has a focus of studies in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and business. With his medical background, Imperial College London also operates the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in Singapore and partners with Nanyang Technological University. The university has always been perched at the top of the world level. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the university is ranked 8th best in the world and 3rd best in Europe.

4. University of Oxford
University of OxfordThe University of Oxford is the oldest college in the UK. The location of this college is of course in the city of Oxford, England. This university has been around since the 11th century, although the exact date of this university is not known with certainty. Apart from this, the University of Oxford is the most prestigious university in the world, because in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013, the University of Oxford managed to take second place after Hardvard University. The University of Oxford has produced a number of notable alumni, with 58 Nobel laureates. The University of Oxford also has a library which is the largest library in Great Britain, with 11 million collections of books in it.

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5. University of Edinburgh
University of EdinburghFounded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the world. This university is also a university with antique buildings in Scotland. In the world ranking, the university is in the 17th position. The university has three major departments that are still subdivided into many study programs. Major majors include Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and Natural Sciences and Engineering.

6. King’s College London
King's College LondonKing’s College London, better known as KCL, is a public research university located in London, England. The university was founded by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington in 1829. The KCL campus is based in London, and is one of the largest centers of education for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and biomedical teaching and research in Europe. KCL is ranked 19th in the world and e-6th in the UK. Meanwhile, for the European level, KCL managed to rank 8th.

7. University of Bristol
University of BristolThe University of Bristol is a university located in Bristol, England. Founded in 1876, the University of Bristol has six faculties, namely the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the School of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. The University of Bristol is ranked 30th in the world and 7th best in the UK.

8. The University of Manchester
The University of ManchesterThe University of Manchester is a university located in the city of Manchester, England. This university is a combination of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and Victoria University of Manchester. The university is also in charge of several major cultural assets in the UK, including the Manchester Museum, the Whitworth Art Gallery, the John Rylands Library and the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

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9. University of Glasgow
University of GlasgowThe University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is increasingly spreading its wings in the academic world. Today, the University of Glasgow has been ranked 51st in the world and e-9 in the UK. The university has four departments, among others, the Department of Arts, the Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering, the Department of Social Sciences, and the Department of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

10. University of Birmingham
University of BirminghamThe University of Birmingham is a university with its unique building, which looks like a red brick building. The university is located in the city of Birmingham, England. The university has several departments, including the Department of Arts and Law, the Department of Physical Sciences and Engineering, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Medicine and Dentistry, the Department of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts, and the Department of Social Sciences.