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10 Best Universities with a School of Pharmacy in the World

Health majors are departments that seem timeless, because they are always needed from time to time. Along with the increasing number of researches, this field has also become very developed and promises broader job prospects. One area of ​​health science that is as crucial as medicine and nursing is pharmacy. Professionals in this field are called pharmacists.

Pharmacy itself is a health sector which is a combination of chemistry and health to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the use of drugs. The duties of the pharmacist itself include dispensing medicines, providing clinical services, providing information about medicines, to supervising the use of drugs. Pharmacy graduates can work in hospitals, clinics or pharmacies, the drug industry to government and private institutions such as drug and food regulatory agencies.

10 Best Universities with a School of Pharmacy in the World
best universities in the world for pharmacyThe QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks the best universities in the world for pharmacy. This assessment is based on several factors ranging from academic reputation, reputation of the employer, citations of research papers, to the impact of research published. Well, here are the 10 best universities in pharmacy.

1. University of Oxford, UK
Since 2019, the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford has remained as the best provider of pharmacy programs in the world. The department’s track record is extraordinary as it has reached the highest level in the Research Excellence Framework (REF). There are only 3 courses the department offers at postgraduate level. Each of the three are Pharmacology DPhil, Pharmacology MSc and Pharmacology MSc by Research.

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2. Monash University, Australia
Monash University The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the leading pharmacy faculties or schools in Australia. The programs offered are at the forefront of research and impact, both in Australia and globally. There are 6 programs from the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels offered by the faculty which has been established since 1881.

3. Harvard University, US
The Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (BCMP) is one of the departments under Harvard Medical School. The department is home to a wide range of research, teaching and services related to biology, chemistry and pharmacy. The programs available here are postgraduate-specific and generally research-based.

4. University of Toronto, Canada
The fourth best pharmacy in the world goes to Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, Canada. This faculty has been established since 1882 as the Ontario College of Pharmacy and then joined the University of Toronto in 1953. There are 10 programs offered by this faculty ranging from undergraduate to professional level, including residency programs.

5. University College London (UCL), UK
UCL School of Pharmacy was founded in 1842 and has been one of the leading pharmacy schools in the world to date. The faculty offers 10 pharmacy programs ranging from undergraduate, masters to advanced levels of MPhil / PhD degrees. As one of the leading pharmacy schools, UCL School of Pharmacy is also at the forefront of a wide range of research in pharmacy and other related fields.

6. University of Cambridge, UK
The University of Cambridge has a Department of Pharmacy under the School of Biological Sciences. Unfortunately the pharmacy and pharmacology programs offered are not one undergraduate program, like those offered by other universities. Pharmacology itself is studied at levels two and three as part of the Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) and Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) courses. The department manages the teaching and learning of these courses as well as research to an advanced level.

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7. University of Nottingham, UK
Nottingham School of Pharmacy is one of the UK’s top pharmacy schools which is leading the way in terms of research quality. This school was founded in 1925 and offers 7 programs in three levels of education, from undergraduate, masters to PhD. In addition, Nottingham School of Pharmacy has 5 research divisions and 2 other related research divisions.

8. University of California, San Francisco, US
Ranked 8 in the top university in pharmacy in the world is the UCSF School of Pharmacy. This school is the first pharmacy college in the Western United States which has been established since 1872. There are 11 programs offered based on the level of education namely with PharmD, MS and PhD degrees in 3 different Departments.

9. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US
Eshelman School of Pharmacy is a pharmacy school of the University of North Carolina (UNC). The school offers several degree programs in pharmacy namely PharmD, PhD, and MS. Not only the QS World University Rankings by Subject, this pharmacy school belonging to UNC also has a high ranking in the Shanghai Ranking Global Ranking, as well as US News & World Report.

10. University of Manchester, UK
The University of Manchester offers undergraduate pharmacy programs with an MPharm accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The program is known for its learning and supportive environment, work experience opportunities, research strengths and extensive industry connections. All these things make the university’s pharmacy program one of the best in the UK and in the world.

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How to Get Admitted to Universities with the Best Pharmacy Faculties in the World
Based on what has been written above, most of the pharmacy programs offered are research-based and not a few offer only masters or higher programs. Therefore, if you are interested in continuing your studies at this advanced level, you must have previously had a basic education in the related field. In addition, because most of the universities above are also world-leading educational institutions, you also need to get high qualifications from an academic perspective.

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