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10 Freelance Business Tips Without Capital, Big Earnings

All businesses certainly need capital in the beginning when you want to start. Big or small business capital, depending on how you want to live it. Side business certainly requires less capital than the main business.

But there are also some businesses that don’t need any money. All that is needed is skill, ability, and willingness to run it. One of them is to become a freelance, here are 11 freelance businesses without capital that you can try.

1. Freelance Video Editor
Freelance BusinessIf you are a student majoring in DKV, Multimedia, or working in the field of content creation, of course you are also familiar with video editing software. This ability you can channel into a business that can be additional income.

You can open a freelance video editor online. Today, many people such as event organizers, content creators, and even large companies are looking for freelance editors for product videos and content.

Without the need to meet face to face with clients, you can get a large enough payment in one editing. Especially if you have skills in the field of animation. At least one animated video with a duration of under five minutes can be valued in the tens or even hundreds of dollars.

2. Film and Document Translator
For you who master foreign languages such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, German, and others, you can also open a business translating films or documents. Now, many people both from within and outside the country who need translators documentary films, short films, and even the box office so that many people can understand.

Some websites like Fiverr and Sribulancer also facilitate freelance translators. You can check the freelancer website and forum for more info.

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3. Freelance Voice Over and Dubber
Still related to business without capital that is done digitally, there are also freelance voice over and dubber that you can live at home. As the name implies, you will become a voice actor from both animation, promotional videos or product videos.

Capital to be a voice over freelace is only your skill in speaking clearly in your local language or foreign language.

4. Dropshiper
Next there is a business without capital that you can live with on your cellphone, which is to become a dropshiper. Some of you may already know that dropshiper is an online sales business without the need to stock goods or packaging.

All you have to do is find a partner or work with an online store and you find a buyer. When there are buyers, you just need to inform the shop owner to send the goods.

You will get a commission for each item you sell at your own price. You will get up to 20% profit on each transaction. And you do not have to bother providing stock of goods, packaging or sending goods to the courier.

5. Freelance Graphic Design
If you have skills in drawing or making a design, then you can make a business without abundant capital results by becoming a graphic design freelance. As we all know, graphic design is one of the biggest earning jobs.

In addition, because it becomes a freelance business, you can do your work anywhere and anytime you want. As long as it does not cross the deadline specified by the client.

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To become a graphic design freelance you can post your portfolio on freelancer websites, both domestically and abroad. So you can get more customers.

6. Open Private Les Online or Home
The next venture without capital is to open private lessons online or at home. Of course you need an understanding of what you want to teach your students later.

Opening private lessons is perfect for you teachers, lecturers, or other teaching staff. But if you don’t understand formal education, you can also open private lessons in music, art, skills, and so on.

For online private lessons, you usually need to record an explanation of what you want to teach first. Then the recordings are sent to your students so they can study online without needing to meet.

7. Preloved Goods Business
Selling preloved goods can also be a business without capital and without the risk that you can live. Considering that currently there are a lot of preloved items, especially clothes, which are sold at low prices and the condition of clothes is still good.

The trick is to photograph the items or clothes that you want to sell. Then, post the shirt to an online shop or social media so that it can be seen by many people. If there are people who are interested, then you buy the item and sell it back to the buyer.

However, make sure you have permission and notify the seller that you will sell the item again. This is done so that your target item is not hurriedly bought by other buyers from the first seller.

8. Writing and Softcopy Services
If you are a student or live in a campus area where there are many students, opening a writing and softcopy service can be a very profitable business without capital. Because there are many students who need your services both in writing journals, assignments, and even thesis.

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In addition, some lecturers also need retype services from hardcopy that has been printed to softcopy in the form of digital files. So, opportunities like this you shouldn’t miss.

9. Automotive Brokers
The last business without capital is to become an automotive broker. This business has a way of working that is similar to selling preloved goods. Namely by photographing other people’s cars or motorbikes that you want to sell.

Then you post it on social media to be advertised so that it can be seen by many people. If anyone is interested, you can contact the seller first or you put your own price that includes a commission.

10. Digital Media Partners
If you really like writing and have the ability to compose good words, you can become a content writer in online media. Lots of media or blogs that require content writter services to fill the articles on their website.

If you are interested in becoming a content writer, you can join in freelance websites and forums, you can also offer website owners to fill in the content of articles on their website.

That’s 10 freelance business tips without capital that you can live. It turns out, businesses without capital money can really be done. The most important thing is that you have the will and skill in running the business that you want to live.