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10 Largest Giant Heavy Equipment in the World You Should Know

Many don’t know that apart from heavy equipment that we often encounter in everyday life, there are actually many unique heavy equipment that were created according to their respective functions from time to time.

In the following, we will specifically review the 10 largest machines in the world for insight-enhancing information for all of us.

We deserve applause for this, because he is the biggest machine in human history that ever existed.

TAKRAF RB293Like the Bagger 288, this is the largest excavator ever made by the German company TAKRAF Industry. Once set the record for being the largest and heaviest machine ever on earth and was used in the coal mine of Victoria, Australia.

Height: over 94.5 meters or 310 feet tall
Length: over 220 meters or 722 feet long,
Weight: over 14,196 tons or 31.3 million lbs
Operation: requires more than 5 people to operate
Others: The bucket has a diameter of 70M, with 20 buckets each of which can carry 20 cubic meters.

This machine can move about 240,000 cubic meters of material per day.

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