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10 Largest Giant Heavy Equipment in the World You Should Know

Many don’t know that apart from heavy equipment that we often encounter in everyday life, there are actually many unique heavy equipment that were created according to their respective functions from time to time.

In the following, we will specifically review the 10 largest machines in the world for insight-enhancing information for all of us.

We deserve applause for this, because he is the biggest machine in human history that ever existed.

TAKRAF RB293Like the Bagger 288, this is the largest excavator ever made by the German company TAKRAF Industry. Once set the record for being the largest and heaviest machine ever on earth and was used in the coal mine of Victoria, Australia.

Height: over 94.5 meters or 310 feet tall
Length: over 220 meters or 722 feet long,
Weight: over 14,196 tons or 31.3 million lbs
Operation: requires more than 5 people to operate
Others: The bucket has a diameter of 70M, with 20 buckets each of which can carry 20 cubic meters.

This machine can move about 240,000 cubic meters of material per day.

2. Bagger 288 – The Largest Dredger in the World
Bagger 288Dubbed the biggest machine in the world because it is the biggest digger ever. The wheel-mounted excavator, the Bagger 288, was born by the German company Krupp. The engine, which weighs 13,500 tons, consists of 2 parts, namely the “bucket-wheeler excavator” which functions as a digger and the Crawler-Transporter which functions as a support vehicle that allows the tool to move.

Height: 95 m tall
Length: 215 m long
Weight: 13,500 tons

3. Hitachi EX 8000-6
Hitachi EX 8000-6Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan also gave birth to an excavator that brought 2 cummis qska 50 engines combed (2 x 1940 hp) with a weight of 811,000 kg and a shovel bucket capacity of 40.0m3 which made it the world’s largest hydraulic excavator to beat the Liebherr 996.

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4. Liebherr 996 Hydraulic Shovel
Liebherr 996 Hydraulic ShovelThis tool is one of the largest hydraulic excavators and there is no match in the world. This giant Liebherr Hydraulic Shovel has been manufactured by the Liebherr Group, a manufacturing company complex in Germany and is in fact one of the largest in the world of its type. Heavy work in open pit mining uses a lot of this tool. Contains a weight of 656 tons. Powered by a cummins K 180 E diesel engine, 16 cylinder and a capacity of 50.3 liters which is capable of producing a power of 3000hp at 1800rpm engine speed. Meanwhile, the digging power of the soil is 1,500 kN. The tank capacity for fuel can accommodate 13,000 liters while the hydraulic tank capacity itself is 4,600 liters. Has a maximum hydraulic pressure of 350bar. Bucket volume reaches up to 36 m3 or the equivalent of 60 tons per one load.

5. Caterpillar 797f
Caterpillar 797fThe truck with the most payload capacity is a large truck that looks like a house. This truck was born in the womb of a caterpillar factory from the United States. This truck is deliberately made to meet mining needs with high production and heavy construction needs.

Its capacity is beyond doubt, as it is one of the highest and largest trucks in the world. It was introduced to heavy equipment players in 2008 and stopped production in 2009. A model that is superior because of its size and strength compared to the previous model, the 797b series has a carrying capacity of 400 tons, while the 797B series is only 380 tons.

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6. Liebherr T 282B
Liebherr T 282BThis tool is the largest mining truck in the world. The giant engine Liebherr T 282B was the largest dumptruck ever designed in 2004 by a German manufacturer. The total weight of this truck is 203 tons and is able to withstand a transportation load of around 365 tons and can generate power of around 3650 horsepower.

Here are the specifications and prices:
Features: Weight: empty – 203 tons; maximum capacity – 365 tons; maximum operating weight – 592tons
Length: 14.5 m long
Height: 7.4 m tall
Wheelbase: 6.6 m
Top Speed: 40 mph or 65 kph
Costs: US $ 3.5 B

7. Komatsu D575A
Komatsu D575AIn the mining industry such as coal, there is a Superdozer which is the largest bulldozer ever made by Komatsu D575A. This superbulldozer is made by Komatsu Japan Ltd and is the largest bulldozer to date ever built. Widely used in strip mining, ribbon mining in North America. It is believed that it is more efficient than the use of the drag line at the mine. This bulldozer is 4.88 meters high and has a length of 11.72 meters, making this bulldozer dubbed the largest and strongest bulldozzer in the world.

8. TEREX 33-19 Titan
TEREX 33-19 TitanIncluded in the category of largest and most loaded trucks ever created. TEREX 33-19 “Titan” is one of the largest payload trucks whose operating life ended in 1998. This truck when fully loaded can travel up to 29.8 mph. The TEREX division that gave birth to this tool from a general motorbike company in 1973, after approximately 13 years of operation, the Terex Titan is located in the Sparwood museum in British Columbia, Canada. The Terex 33-19 is the largest version of the series 33 Terex off-road haulers.

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9. Bucyrus-Erie 1850B “Big Brutus”
Bucyrus-Erie 1850BIs the world’s largest shovel Bucyrus-Erie 1850B which earned the nickname “big brutus” is 49 meters high and weighs 11 million pounds.

The second largest electric shovel in the world was used from 1960 to 1970. Currently, one of the world’s largest machines is on display at the Western Mining and Minerals Museum in Kansas, United States. To note that this tool has a bucket capacity estimated at 150 tons and a speed that can reach a maximum of 0.22 mph.
For the price alone, in 1962 it reached 6.5 million dollars.

10. Marion 6360 “The Captain”
Captain Marion 6360Reporting from several sites, the total weight of this giant land vehicle is made with an overall weight of 28 million pounds, named after Captain Marion 6360 and is the excavator with the largest power in the world. Made by the marion shovel power company in 1965 this is a giant machine.

This bucket has the capacity to transport or lift up to 300 tonnes of material. In fact, this Captain was one of the two largest vehicles ever built and in 1992, the Captain was retired after a long period of operation.