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10 Luxury Hotels in Singapore, the Best Choice for Tourists

Singapore, a small country with an area of ​​only 728 km². However, it is able to become one of the most developed and modern countries in Southeast Asia. This country, which is located at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, also has many regulations that often make tourists dizzy. Although hotel prices in Singapore are quite expensive, many tourists are satisfied staying at Singapore hotels. Luxurious designs, complete facilities, and satisfying services for luxury Singapore hotels are able to make guests forget the high cost. Here is a list of the most luxurious hotels for travelers visiting Singapore.

1. The Forest by Wangz
The Forest by WangzThis luxury hotel carries a design that is inspired by nature. This luxury hotel located in the heart of Singapore looks cool and fresh with a tropical jungle-like design. Trees, grass and greenery adorn the front yard, while the walls of the buildings are covered in silhouettes that resemble tree shadows. Not only outside, the theme of forest and nature can also be felt by visitors inside the hotel. Plants in mini pots are scattered throughout the hotel area while the patterns of trees, birds and animals. Bright colors are emblazoned on the walls of The Forest by Wangz lobby, hallway and rooms.

2. Capella Singapore
Capella SingaporeIstimewa is the right word to describe Capella Singapore, a five star hotel in Singapore. Capella Singapore’s building is super majestic, it looks like a royal palace, even though Singapore is not a royal country. Capella Singapore carries a combination of colonial and modern designs dominated by white and brick red. The expanse of green grass and plants around the hotel building creates a cool and beautiful atmosphere in the Capella Singapore area.

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3. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
The Ritz-Carlton Millenia SingaporeLocated in the southern part of Singapore, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore offers views of Marina Bay. This five-star hotel is indeed located on the shores of Marina Bay (Marina Bay) which is full of modern-style high rise buildings. From the window of The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, tourists can also see the Singapore Flyer, one of the symbols of Singapore. The design of The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore is modern and futuristic. The 608 rooms available at this hotel are equipped with super luxurious facilities.

4. Raffles Hotel Singapore
Raffles Hotel SingaporeSome say, a visit to Singapore will not feel complete if you haven’t stayed at the Raffles Hotel Singapore. Built since 1887, Raffles Hotel has a strong and majestic colonial architectural style. Raffles Hotel has been a silent witness to Singapore’s development since the colonial period until it turned into one of the most developed and modern cities. Marble floors and large white pillars are some of the hallmarks of Raffles Singapore. Staying at the Raffles Hotel Singapore, is like going back to colonial times in Singapore.

5. The Fullerton Bay Hotel
The Fullerton Bay HotelThe Fullerton Bay Hotel offers unobstructed views of Marina Bay, Singapore. The panoramic view of the multi-storey buildings around Marina Bay enhances the scenic beauty seen from The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Luxurious design and excellent service make this five-star hotel receive many awards from industry and world tourism magazines.

6. Conrad Centennial Singapore
Conrad Centennial SingaporeBeing under the auspices of Hilton, Conrad Centennial Singapore understands the criteria of a comfortable and special hotel. Conrad Centennial Singapore has 507 rooms with facilities such as 46 inch LED TV, minibar, and bathroom with bathtub and shower. Located in the Marina Bay area, Conrad Centennial Singapore offers easy access to interesting tourist attractions in Singapore.

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7. Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Mandarin Oriental SingaporeStill in the Marina Bay area, Singapore, there is a stunning luxury hotel that carries the Mandarin Oriental brand. The specialty of Mandarin Oriental Singapore lies in its strategic location, luxurious and beautiful rooms, complete facilities, and quality service. The Mandarin Oriental Singapore building is shaped like a fan which is the hallmark of the Mandarin hotel chain. Around the hotel, tourists can find Singapore’s tourist icons, shopping centers and upscale restaurants. Meanwhile, Singapore’s business district is only minutes away from Mandarin Oriental Singapore.

8. Pan Pacific Singapore
Pan Pacific SingaporePan Pacific Singapore is very popular among business people in Singapore. Apart from its strategic location, Pan Pacific Singapore also provides its hotel with the most complete and best business facilities. This 5-star hotel has professional staff who speak English, French, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and five other foreign languages.

9. Shangri-La Singapore
Shangri-La SingaporeShangri-La Singapore is like a paradise amidst the hustle and bustle of Singapore. Standing amidst six hectares of green land, Shangri-La Singapore presents a cool atmosphere amidst Singapore’s tropical climate. A clear pond filled with koi fish and an artificial waterfall adorn the courtyard of the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Staying at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, tourists will never think that they are only a stone’s throw away from the bustle of Singapore.

10. The Quincy Hotel Singapore
The Quincy Hotel SingaporeBefore entering the hotel, tourists can feel the uniqueness and privileges of The Quincy Hotel Singapore. This four-star Singapore hotel carries an unusual design with the shape of a tall, slender building like a giant, thin beam. The interesting reason behind The Quincy Hotel’s unique design is that each room has a window offering views of the city of Singapore. Plus the best facilities and professional services, The Quincy Hotel is one of the favorite hotels for business and leisure travelers in Singapore.

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