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10 Luxury Hotels in Singapore, the Best Choice for Tourists

Singapore, a small country with an area of ​​only 728 km². However, it is able to become one of the most developed and modern countries in Southeast Asia. This country, which is located at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, also has many regulations that often make tourists dizzy. Although hotel prices in Singapore are quite expensive, many tourists are satisfied staying at Singapore hotels. Luxurious designs, complete facilities, and satisfying services for luxury Singapore hotels are able to make guests forget the high cost. Here is a list of the most luxurious hotels for travelers visiting Singapore.

1. The Forest by Wangz
The Forest by WangzThis luxury hotel carries a design that is inspired by nature. This luxury hotel located in the heart of Singapore looks cool and fresh with a tropical jungle-like design. Trees, grass and greenery adorn the front yard, while the walls of the buildings are covered in silhouettes that resemble tree shadows. Not only outside, the theme of forest and nature can also be felt by visitors inside the hotel. Plants in mini pots are scattered throughout the hotel area while the patterns of trees, birds and animals. Bright colors are emblazoned on the walls of The Forest by Wangz lobby, hallway and rooms.

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