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10 Most Beautiful Flower Gardens in the World

When winter has ended, all the scenes are brighter, flowers are blooming everywhere. Birds chirp melodiously and make all scenes look brighter. The weather is friendly again, the right time for us to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Exploring the beautiful park is one of the best choices for enjoying a spring break. You will feel the romantic nuances that evoke all your beautiful memories. Inviting a couple to the following places is the most appropriate thing!

1. Versailles, France
Versailles, FranceWell-arranged and beautiful, this park has become one of the most beautiful parks in France. The park, built for Louis XIV, was designed by Andre Le Notre.

This park has an area of 800 hectares with a stretch of large canal greenery along the 1,670 meters. There is also a large lake covering an area of 12 hectares.

Can you imagine how beautiful it is? Getting in here is free, of course, except when there is a Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens.

2. Lavender Fields, France
Lavender Fields, FranceFrance also has a very charming lavender field. You must be familiar with this sight. Yes, this lavender field is quite popular and often appears on the Instagram timeline. In fact, often used as wallpaper because it is so beautiful.

This field is located in Provence, southeastern France which borders the Mediterranean Sea and Italy. The color, texture and aroma of the lavender field encapsulates much of the essence of Provence.

You can enjoy the lavender fields by car, bicycle or on foot. One of the busiest spots here is on the square in front of the Senanque Monastery near Gordes.

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3. Butchart Gardens, Canada
Butchart Gardens Tour, VictoriaNot inferior to France, this park is already very popular with travelers. Butchart Gardens in Colombia has an area of 50 hectares.

Not half-hearted, you can enjoy six types of parks at the same time. These include Sunken Garden, Concert Lawn Walk, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and Mediterranean Garden.

Usually, there are interesting events that are held there. Like The Victoria Symphony last week. For the sake of mutual comfort, visitors are prohibited from using a selfie stick.

4. Sunflower Garden, Italy
Sunflower Garden, ItalyRomantic places in Italy are not just the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa and Venice. Located in a village area of Tuscany that has ancient medieval buildings, you can enjoy a beautiful garden.

Besides enjoying the beauty of sunflowers, you can see the architecture of a house that is no less charming. You can come here in June and July, because the weather is clear.

5. Keukenhof Park, Netherlands
Keukenhof Park, NetherlandsMoving to the Netherlands, you would already know that here is famous for the beauty of tulips. Keukenhof Park is located in the City of Lisse. The extent of about 32 hectares, with 800 varieties of tulips.

Tulips can only be witnessed in certain seasons. The park provides a variety of facilities, such as Wi-Fi, free wheelchairs, free lockers. Tickets are priced at around $ 20. And it will be a pleasant vacation spot.

6. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan
Hitachi Seaside Park, JapanLocated in Hitachinaka, Hitachi Seaside Park has an area of 190 hectares. You can walk around the park area on foot or rent a bicycle. You can enjoy beautiful flowers at any time with a different theme each season.

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You can see the beauty of tulips, sakura, lilies, lavender, and many others. Not only that, you can also play various interesting rides such as the labyrinth park, giant Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and others. Ticket prices range from 100-600 Yen.

7. The Tulip Festival, Canada
The Tulip Festival, CanadaHave you ever been here? Or just often see it on Instagram? The name is also a festival, of course, it will be prepared more lively and will be different than the tulip garden in general.

There are 30 types of colorful tulips scattered in 40-hectare fields. Every year, the event is held in a different place.

8. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, England
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, EnglandUnlike other parks that highlight the beauty of flowers. You will find a stunning work of art here. The park that combines nature with science and art has 40 main fields. Among them are gardens, bridges, sculptures, terraces, fences, and 30 hectares of architectural works.

This park is located in the private home area of the Portrack House family and is only open one day a year. Not only enjoy the beauty of the park, you can also donate here. Funds generated from the park will be donated to charities entirely.

9. Suan Nong Nooch, Thailand
Suan Nong Nooch, ThailandThis beautiful park in Thailand is located in Pattaya City. Suan Nong Nooch is already popular with tourists because of its beautiful and amazing views. Like being in a fairytale country, this place is filled with Thai-style houses, villas, banquet halls, restaurants and swimming pools.

Initially, Suan Nong Nooch was not a tropical garden as it is now. This land was used for fruit plantations in 1954. The park was only opened to the public in 1980 under the name “Suan Nong Nooch.” Suan means “garden”.

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10. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, United States
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, United StatesSince opening in 1988, this park has undergone several changes. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a valuable building and an icon of Minnesota. The center of beauty here is a spoon-shaped fountain with cherries on it.

This park is indeed opened for you who are in need of a refreshing and inspiring atmosphere. Open every day from 6 am to midnight. Equipped with 40 permanent art installations. There are also non-permanent installations that have been changed regularly.