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10 Most Luxurious and Most Expensive Buses in the World

At least 60% of all travel in the world is made by car or bus. Usually buses have a low level of comfort, especially if you want to travel long distances with the whole family or many friends. However, it turns out that there are buses designed with luxurious facilities so that you can enjoy every second of the trip.

Bus as a vehicle with a large body, is usually used for public transportation considering the passenger capacity is more than other types of cars.

It’s a different story with a luxury bus that is deliberately made by the manufacturers. The exterior and interior designs are made in such a luxurious way, equipped with a bed, lobby room, dining room, bar, kitchen to restroom, even luggage to store the car.

As a consequence, the passengers that can be transported are far less than ordinary buses. Naturally, because this bus was designed and made according to the owner’s orders. Here are our 10 most luxurious and most expensive buses in the world.

1. Superbus, US $ 18 Million
SuperbusThe United Arab Emirates has a pretty good taste in modern technology, design and cars. One of the seed is Superbus. The uniqueness of this bus is the super light and durable fiber used in building this bus which is also the material for missile construction. With a passenger capacity of 23 seats, each of which has its own air bag, seat belt and TV (using a wireless connection). One of the first things you will notice inside is the luxurious leather covering the seats. Moreover, each seat has its own temperature control system, so that every passenger feels maximum comfort while driving. Superbus has a speed of 250 km per hour. The largest and richest city in the UAE is the only place where you can find this luxury bus.

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2. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo, US $ 3 Million
Marchi Mobile EleMMent PalazzoThe first bus designed by Marchi Mobile and made of expensive materials, which makes this dream bus a futuristic design. Owners or guests can control the lights, volume when playing music, and the temperature control system in the room as usual. Inside the bus you will find a bathroom made entirely of marble and a kitchen. This eco-friendly bus has a transparent glass roof and has 20% lower fuel consumption than the average bus.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIP, US $ 2.88 Million
Prevost H3-45 VIPThis Volvo-owned bus has a cabin length of 3.8 meters, lots of free space inside, and what’s more, has storage under the floor measuring 500 c. feet. You can adjust the temperature, music volume and lights according to your taste. The unique wooden floor is one of the advantages of this bus.

4. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus, US $ 2.5 Million
Featherlite Vantare Platinum PlusThis bus has its luxurious Interior with pearl-plated Italian leather, marble staircases, Swarovski crystals, antique bronze, and lots of very expensive designer items making it a luxury home on wheels. It has the master bedroom with king size bed, plasma TV and tread mill. It features the excellent Avic N-2 GPS system. Realtime traffic and weather alert notifications have never been so brilliant. The bus also has a built-in garage that fits sports cars.

5. Newmar King Aire, US $ 1.6 Million
Newmar King AireNewmar King Aire is one of the best luxury buses that can rule the road like a king. The bus is a class A motor and is powered by a 600HP Cummins ISX turbo diesel engine. There is a drive steering system with power control. A good navigation system helps steer the vehicle through bad weather.

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Newmar King AireThe bus also has a spacious kitchen with hardwood cabinets, two villa sofas, a dining table ensemble, a washer, dryer, etc. The floor is made of porcelain and the interior is beautifully decorated with LEDs. The bus, owned by Newmar Corporation, has a master bedroom and attached bathroom cubicle.

6. Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach, US $ 1.3 Million
Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor CoachForetravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach is a quite attractive combination of beauty and safety. A generator with a power of 20,000 KW will give you the long way to go. This transport is equipped with the latest air conditioning system placed on it, has one of the most advanced locking system, and beautiful LED lights on the floor, and much more.

The company pays close attention to bus safety systems such as closed air systems, carbon-monoxide sensitive sensors, advanced services for GFI protection, making this bus one of the safest travel buses today.

7. Vario Signature, US $ 1.3 million
Vario SignatureThe Vario Signature surprises everyone with its combination of beautiful inner appearance, fashionable design, and price of materials. Among the exclusives, this bus has a large XXL bed.

Vario SignatureVario Signature buses are the best choice for long distance travel because of their high quality spare parts. This bus has a speed of 523 horsepower and there is a car garage under the floor.

8. Monaco Dinasty 45P, US $ 585k
Monaco Dynasty 45PDynasty is a beautiful piece created by an original technology artist from Monaco. This Monaco-owned bus has a tiled glass floor with LED lights making for a very beautiful display. Cedar is the main material for most bedroom items, including furniture and even the walls themselves.

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Cummins / 16 Diesel Pusher engines were used to build this bus. The front of the bus is the living room, and the center is the kitchen.

9. Unicat Amerigo International, US $ 500k
Unicat Amerigo InternationalPriced at US $ 500,000, the Unicat Amerigo International is an exploration vehicle with an absolute gimmick to its exterior. This bus looks like a dump truck but the interior is amazing. Its modern approach has seen it derive its power from solar panels but also has a 2,000 mile gas tank. The interior has a kitchen, master suite and table space. One of its outstanding features is having a water generator that decontaminates water so it can be drunk in case of such a situation.

10. Country Coach Magna 630, US $ 495k
Country Coach Magna 630The Country Coach Magna 630 is the ideal bus for sports lovers, crafted with a luxurious exterior and interior style. You can find large TVs in every room and this bus has a very large lounge, including glossy floors. Your water will always be hot thanks to the high quality hydronic system made by Hydro Hot.

Country Coach Magna 630In addition, there is also an underfloor car garage designed specifically for sports car models.