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10 Most Luxurious Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Tourist attractions in Dubai that have the uniqueness and beauty of each in the tourist attractions so it is a must to visit. Tourism strength is supported by abundant financial capabilities. Making it possible to build the largest and most luxurious tourist attractions in the world. No wonder if the city is nicknamed the City of Gold.

Overview of Dubai
Dubai is one of the seven emirates and most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. The Municipality of Dubai is sometimes called the City of Dubai to distinguish it from the emirate.

DubaiDubai is located directly in the Arabian Desert. However, Dubai’s topography is slightly different from the southern part of the UAE. Some of Dubai’s landscape is filled with sandy desert patterns, while oily deserts dominate much of the country’s south.

The sand consists of crushed shells and fine, clean and white coral. In the east of the city, the salt-water mainland, known as sabkha, provides a path to the north-south stretch of sand dune. Further east, the sand dune is getting bigger and red due to iron oxide.

Dubai has a hot climate and, for some time, is humid with many months recording temperatures above 40 ° C. The highest temperature ever recorded in Dubai is 47.3 ° C. Very little rainfall, with an average of 150 mm per year.

For transportation, dubai has a large bus system that serves 69 routes. Although the main mode of transportation in Dubai is via private vehicles, Dubai also has a large taxi system.

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Here are 10 tourist sites in Dubai that you should know and visit.