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10 Steps to Create YouTube Content for Beginners

Who is not interested in becoming a vlogger or YouTuber in the days of everyone accessing videos through the YouTube platform? The profession became creator content so hype for millennial youth in the 2000s. Not only YouTube, other channels like Instagram and Twitter each have different nicknames. Celebrity for Instagram, Celebrity for Twitter, for YouTube? Yes YouTuber. It’s never too late to start running a private YouTube Channel, even parents can run it.

Steps for Creating YouTube Content
Before you try to open a channel, there are a few things you must prepare.

1. Can be shared
The ability to be shared can be important when you build a channel. Why? This is related to how your audience will share your video with others. The higher the shareability of your video, the more people will know about the existence of your channel, the more loyal viewers you will have and why your video is worth sharing. Does your video have an up to date theme? Or a tense experience that no one else has experienced? As a beginner YouTube creator, you must understand!

2. Invite the Audience to Chat (Conversation)
This section deals with how you as a beginner YouTube content creator content creator to talk to your channel viewers. YouTube is a social platform that allows many communities to exist and create closeness with them.

3. Involve your audience (Interactivity)
The situation when you try to get involved or involve your audience in your video content. This is important because the viewer is the key to the success of your video. You can dig up information that you might not realize from the audience. You can read from the comments that enter your channel or the questions sent by your audience. This builds the closeness and loyalty of your audience because they become “considered” by you, moreover you are still a novice YouTube creator.

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4. Be Consistent
Create YouTube ContentThe most important thing in creating a YouTube channel is consistency. You can understand consistency as a rule for a new video upload schedule, the theme themes you bring, or even the clothes that you always wear as part of audience identification.

5. Prepare the Target (Targeting)
Naturally, when you just start a video, you want to get lots of viewers on each of your videos. But it will be more effective if you have a target audience (personal or community) that matches the content you are creating. If you want to load cooking content, then you can target young people who want to learn to cook, or mothers who want to try to create a new menu every week where they might also be a beginner YouTube content creator.

6. Keep Sustainability
Well-known content creators maintain their presence by at least 300 videos uploaded each week without pausing. This is to maintain the continuity of their channel and not be abandoned by loyal viewers. At this stage, usually you as a beginner YouTube content creator already has a loyal audience who waits every week to see the new content that you will upload. Therefore, try to keep your channel going.

7. Easy to Discover (Discoverability)
Easy to find, the next important key because it is related to how your channel is found and looks. Make sure that your video is equipped with optimizations to support “visibility”. You can search for how to effectively write video titles, tag and video descriptions accordingly. This is important because your channel needs exposure because it’s still a beginner YouTube content creator.

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8. Easy to Access (Accessibility)
If there is a first-time audience visiting your channel, can he or she easily see the videos that you’ve uploaded according to the keywords he is looking for? This is because you have uploaded many videos and the keyword they are looking for is your video which has been uploaded for some time. What do you think about this?

9. Do Collaboration (Collaboration)
One surefire way to build a channel viewer because you’re a beginner YouTube content creator is to collaborate with other creators who already have loyal fans. Be a guest on someone else’s video or you invite someone else to come to your content video. From there each of you can promote each other’s channels which will have an impact on your channel’s “increasingly visible”. Who knows, some of the audience of other creators like the beginner creator content like you.

10. Be an Inspiration
People who make videos in a happy state actually make other people have more inspiration. They will be happy to see, hear and be interested in the content that you present. So make sure that your happiness in making video content can be an inspiration for others to go through the day.

Choose a Unique Category
If you plan to open a YouTube channel you must understand, what information you will share. This is related to the specialization and categorization of your channel in the eyes of others. If you like to eat, maybe you can try to open a YouTube channel with the theme of culinary snacks like many people do now, or even you want to try extreme local cuisine that maybe not everyone knows. This is a plus point for your channel.

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