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13 Biggest and Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World

As time goes by and the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, many ship companies are competing to provide the best products. One of them is done by making the largest ship in the world that offers various advantages.

Then, what is the list of the largest ships in the world? In this regard, this time we will describe the names and some of the uniqueness and luxury offered by these big ships. Maybe you can make a choice when traveling later.

List of ships the largest and most luxurious ships in the world

1. Symphony of the Seas
Symphony of the SeasThe largest ship in the world is the largest cruise ship in the world with a weight of 228,081 GT (Gross Tonnage) and a length of about 361 meters. This watercraft can accommodate about 6,680 passengers with a crew of 2,200.

Symphony of the Seas has 18 decks, of which 16 are reserved exclusively for guests. This ship really feels luxurious because inside it has 1,759 cabins and 22 restaurants

One of the largest ships has 7 environments with different themes. On board the Symphony of the Seas there is also a garden planted with tropical plants with a very large number of more than 20,000 plants.

In addition, this ship also has a swimming pool, which is about 24 pools and includes a special pool for children. In this ship there is also a water slide which is the highest slide in the water.

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