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13 Biggest and Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World

As time goes by and the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, many ship companies are competing to provide the best products. One of them is done by making the largest ship in the world that offers various advantages.

Then, what is the list of the largest ships in the world? In this regard, this time we will describe the names and some of the uniqueness and luxury offered by these big ships. Maybe you can make a choice when traveling later.

List of ships the largest and most luxurious ships in the world

1. Symphony of the Seas
Symphony of the SeasThe largest ship in the world is the largest cruise ship in the world with a weight of 228,081 GT (Gross Tonnage) and a length of about 361 meters. This watercraft can accommodate about 6,680 passengers with a crew of 2,200.

Symphony of the Seas has 18 decks, of which 16 are reserved exclusively for guests. This ship really feels luxurious because inside it has 1,759 cabins and 22 restaurants

One of the largest ships has 7 environments with different themes. On board the Symphony of the Seas there is also a garden planted with tropical plants with a very large number of more than 20,000 plants.

In addition, this ship also has a swimming pool, which is about 24 pools and includes a special pool for children. In this ship there is also a water slide which is the highest slide in the water.

2. Harmony of the Seas
Harmony of the SeasThis ship is the largest ship which is ranked second. The yacht is made by STX France. It weighs around 226,693 GT and is 362 meters long. The maximum capacity it can accommodate is 6,687 passengers with 2,193 crew.

Harmony of the Seas is able to pamper all passengers with a variety of very exclusive facilities. Among them is the Ultimate Abyss service which can transport passengers to 10 decks at a speed of 14 km / hour. This ship was first operated in 2018.

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3. Allure of the Seas
Allure of the SeasThe Allure of the Seas weighs 225,282 GT and is about 362 meters long. The number of passengers that can be accommodated can reach 6,687 passengers and a crew of 2,193 people. This ship was first launched in 2010.

One of the largest ships in the world also provides several luxurious facilities to its passengers. Among them are 25 kinds of restaurants, 4 swimming pools, 10 pools used for bathing, as well as a Broadway musical warehouse theater that can accommodate 1,380 people.

In addition, this ship also has a dancing hall with two levels, an ice slide, a spa and several sports equipment. For passengers who like to relax while enjoying coffee, this ship also has a Starbucks shop and is the first ship to have a coffee shop in the middle of the sea.

4. Oasis of the Seas
Oasis of the SeasOasis of the Seas is the largest ship in 2009 which weighs 225,292 GT and reaches 361.6 meters in length. This ship is also the first Oasis class ship and a ship with an environmentally friendly concept.

This ship provides several attractive offers for its passengers, namely luxury suites equipped with balconies and suites with two floors. Apart from that, the ship also has a garden, several restaurants, a theater and a wall used for rock climbing.

Especially for passengers who like to exercise, the ship also provides 5 swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts. In 2009, this ship began to be able to load as many as 6,780 passengers with 2,100 crew and has the highest diving pool.

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5. Anthem of the Seas
Anthem of the SeasAnthem of the Seas is the only Quantum class ship. The sailing of this ship is precisely in Atlantic waters. First operated, this ship sailed for approximately 8 nights from Southampton to the territory of France and Spain in 2015.

6. Quantum of the Seas
Quantum of the SeasThis Quantum ship has a smaller size than the Oasis type ship, but the facilities offered are almost the same. This ship has 18 restaurants to choose from according to the tastes of passengers and indoor skydiving spots.

In addition, Quantum of the Seas has a glass shaped like a jewel towering high into the air. It is about 300 meters high so it can spoil the eyes of passengers with a 360 degree beautiful view.

On this ship there is also a bar called the Bionic Bar. In this bar, the service is served by robotic bartenders.

7. Norwegian Joy
Norwegian JoyThis ship has been operating since 2017 and its shipping is only in China and Australia. This sea transportation has a maximum capacity of 3,883 passengers. Since this ship is devoted to the tourist market in China, the language used here is Mandarin.

8. Liberty of the Seas
Liberty of the SeasThis ship is a large ship belonging to the Royal Caribbean Fleet, which underwent renovations in 2016. Some of the entertainment facilities it offers are a 3D cinema and the first boomerang slide in the sea.

9. Independence of the Seas
Independence of the SeasRoyal Caribbean ships such as Independence of the Seas are the largest passenger ships in the world. Here there are 15 decks with a length of 338 meters. This ship sails from Port Everglades, Sothampton during summer and Florida during winter.

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10. MSC Meraviglia
MSC MeravigliaThis ship is deliberately designed to be able to operate in various seasons with a weight of around 171,598 GT and a length of 315 meters. This ship can accommodate 5,714 passengers with 1,540 crew.

The facilities offered by this ship are also quite interesting. Among them are a shop that provides very famous Italian food and an indoor balcony that uses LED Sky in a Mediterranean style because the main area of ​​operation is in the Mediterranean.

11. Queen Mary 2 RMS
Queen Mary 2 RMSThis cruise ship can be said to be one of the largest ships in the world which is very popular. One of the advantages it has is its large and luxurious cabin with an area of ​​about 232 square meters.

In addition, one of the unique and interesting things about this ship is that it allows its passengers to bring their pets to stay on board.

12. The Riviera Oceania Cruise
The Riviera Oceania CruiseThis ship with an attractive design was first launched in 2011. This ship offers quite expensive tickets, which can cost around IDR 24 million.

13. Norwegian Bliss
Norwegian BlissThis ship sailed for the first time at the end of April 2018. This ship belongs to NCL because of its varied colors and colors. Norwegian Bliss has a restaurant along the side of the deck so that passengers can enjoy the sea up close.

The advantage shown from this one ship is that it has a place that is used as the largest go kart special racing track in the sea.

Those are the names of the largest ships in the world and some of the unique and luxurious facilities they offer. So, are you interested in trying one of them ?