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3 Easy Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Of course the biggest goal of building a website is to increase organic traffic. How to bring in organic traffic is considered cheaper when compared to paid traffic that requires regular expenditure for advertising. Here is an easy way to increase organic traffic for your website.

Organic Traffic From Long Tailed Keywords
Often organic traffic comes from unexpected keywords. This is because the visitors or traffic have a variety of phrases and series of words that are different from each other, to find what he wants. These phrases are usually often overlooked by the website owner, so he only focuses on a few keywords.

The long tailed keyword is a type of keyword that has at least 3 words. Many SEO practitioners use keywords of this type to increase the amount of organic traffic. This is because, long-tailed keywords accommodate more searchers who use voice search features. And of course avoid competition which is certainly very dense on keywords containing one or two syllables.

Use the Help Tool to Search for Keywords
You can use several methods to get the most appropriate keywords for long-tailed. But the easiest is to use the auto-correction feature that is already available on Google. For example, by typing the word cheap hosting, it will appear a few suggestions from Google through the search field.

Increase Organic Website TrafficFurthermore, it can also use other devices both paid and free. For example LongTailPro, KeywordTool.io, Keyword Everywhere, Google Trend, and many others. These tools will make it easier for you to get insight into what keywords are most searched for. As well as these series of keywords.

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Share Website Links on Social Media
It is undeniable that one easy way to increase organic traffic is to use social media. Social media is not only a place for people to get together, but also share what they know. This sharing habit can bring a lot of traffic to your website. And several types of social media that can be used as a source for generating traffic are;

YouTube is one of the highest social media increases in the number of users. The number of users watching the duration is even higher. This is also influenced by the internet connection factor which is getting easier.

However, to use YouTube as a way to increase organic traffic must make you provide a video, which directs the audience to come to the website you have. The simplest way to make a short video is a photo slide with the text given to visit the link provided in the YouTube description section.

Facebook Page
If you already have a Facebook Page, then this is an advantage for you. Facebook Page allows users to build a community based on a Facebook page. On this page there will also be terms of followers who follow the page.

Facebook Page is a good place to increase website traffic. Here you can share links that can be accessed by followers who have liked your page. Facebook Page can also be used to explore insights about the demographics of followers and of course the segmentation of people who like it. This will make it easier for you to get ideas about website content that brings organic traffic.

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Approaching the Traffic Sources
If your website occupies page one or even position one for keywords that you are aiming for, then organic traffic will be very easy to come. But what if you occupy the second, third, or second and third page? Well, you can follow the following ways to bring in organic traffic:

Optimizing Local Search
Google is now increasingly paying attention to keywords related to an area. Keywords related to an area, will be very easy to find or be in the top position when visitors come from the same area.

Using the Hosting Server Closest to Traffic Sources
Server location is very closely related to SEO optimization that is done to bring organic traffic. This is because the loading speed of a website will be faster when the location of visitors and server locations are still close together. For example, a website that wants to bring traffic from India so it would be better to use hosting with an Indian server location. Or if you want to bring traffic from the United States and surrounding areas, then use the location of American servers. And if you want to get more visitors from Europe, it’s good to use the closest server for example in the city of London.

Increase organic traffic can be obtained by increasing the ranking of websites that you have on search engines. And one of the things you can do is use the server location that is closest to your biggest traffic source.