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5 Cars Hold the Title of the Best-Selling Cars of All Time in the World

Along with its development the car was designed in such a way that until now the existence of this car seemed to be a major necessity for most of the world’s people. Likewise, the world’s automotive manufacturers seem to be constantly creating their newest type of car products to the sophistication of the features it carries.

Here are 5 cars that hold the title of the best-selling cars of all time in the world, including the following:

1. Ford Escort
Ford EscortThe Ford Escort was created in 1967 as a family car. By the end of 1968, the car had made achievements as one of the best cars in the United States and Britain. From 1967 to 2003, more than 20 million vehicles were sold globally. Ford continues to expand its market reach with four door saloons, estates, vans. The Escort then made a number of revisions to improve appearance, performance and comfort. When the Ford Escort was introduced again in 1981, the manufacturer referred to it as the World Car. Escort continued to make a series of improvements until it slowly began to fade from the customer’s attention. In 2003, finally manufacturing was stopped.

2. Ford F Series
Ford F SeriesOccupying second place is a car made from America called Ford. There are many types of ford cars today but the most popular is the best selling Ford F series of all time. Until entering this year this Ford vehicle has entered its 13th generation, of course this number is very difficult to match other car manufacturers. Among the best-selling and popular models around the world are the Ford F 150, F 150 nite, Eddie Bauer, Camper Special, Harey davitson edition and SVT Lighting.

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3. Toyota Corolla
Toyota CorollaIn third place, the best-selling and popular cars in the world are cars from the Japanese manufacturer, Toyota Corolla. This car began to be marketed around 1966 and in just 8 years, the Toyota Corolla was able to shift the popularity of the VW car, which of course its legendary name. Recorded in mid-2013 this Toyota Corolla managed to record their sales of 40 million units.

In fact, some of Toyota’s products besides the Corolla have become an option for most people because of the large number of Toyota workshops spread across various cities around the world that guarantee the quality of after sales, so people are more likely to look for a car that has an official service point that is very easy to find.

4. Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen GolfAlthough recently VW has had a big problem related to the Dieselgate scandal, namely the manipulation of a vehicle feasibility test computer, the facts say that some of these products from VW are very popular in the world and one of the types of cars produced by VW which is the most popular type of car in the world is the VW GOLF model. This model was first launched in 1974 with various model variants. In some countries the VW golf car has other names such as the VW rabbit, the VW cabrio and the caribe.

5. Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen BeetleThe Volkswagen Beetle, the best-selling car since 1945, had sold more than 21.5 million units by 2003. Commonly known as a bug, the Beetle made history since 1945 and is one of the most successful models produced by the Volkswagen factory. While critics initially predicted a complete failure for the Beetle due to its odd styling, weak engine, ruggedness, and high noise levels compared to modern vehicles, the car has made history. Wikipedia says that the bug, is the best selling car in history for category one design.

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