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5 Famous High Schools in South Korea

Famous Schools in South Korea, which gave birth to many quality students, and no less many of these schools gave birth to famous artists who are currently famous in the entertainment world. in addition to its luxurious places and facilities, this school also has pretty strict rules for its students, just like other schools.

Do not want to lose with schools in European countries there, this school also has many achievements in the world of education, of course. Here is a list of 5 famous school names in South Korea:

1. Anyang Art High School
Anyang Art High SchoolIn this school BEAST personnel-Junhyung, F.Cuz Ye Jun, Rain, Park Han Byul, Se7en, KARA-Park Gyuri, Wonder Girls – Kim Yoo Bin had studied. Anyang High School is not just high school, you know, but it starts from elementary school to university level. The location is in the Anyang area, Gyepnggi-do Province. This school is very famous because it is the first and foremost art school in the Gyeonggo District.

At its inception, Anyang was a project called “Annyang 21 Project.” This city later became the “home” for Anyyang Art High School, which produced many Korean artists.

2. Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts
Dong-Ah Institute of Media and ArtsDong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts is a college specializing in professional training in the fields of Design, Media, Production. The campus is located in the Samjukmyeon City area, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea.

Before it was named the Dong-Ah Institute of Meda And Arts, the campus was named the Dong-Ah Broadcasting Campus. At present they focus on broadcasting technology, production, multimedia and internet broadcasting with a 2-3 year study period. Artists who have attended school here include Changmin 2AM, and Yo Seob-nyah BEAST.

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3. Kyung-Hee Cyber University
Kyung-Hee Cyber UniversityKyung Hee Cyber University is part of Kyung Hee University. As the name implies, Kyung Hee Cyber University provides an online teaching and learning system for its students. So they are not required to come every day to campus.

At present 12,000 students are studying there and around 5700 alumni have graduated from this campus.

Great, Kyung Hee cyber University was once awarded as the best Online University in 2007 by the Korean education minister. Another plus, even this campus building is the most beautiful building in Korea.

His students often make overseas visits to comparative studies or exchange student countries. Countries that are frequently visited are China, Vietnam, Australia, Canada and Russia. Artists who have attended school are beautiful actress Yoon Eun Hye, BEAST- Doo Joon, MBLAQ – Lee Jun & Bang Mir, and Super Junior – Kangin.

4. Hannyoung High School
Hannyoung High SchoolOf course this is a high school, in a school located in Gangdong-Gu, Seoul. This school has a very good reputation in the area, because to be able to go to school there is not easy. We have to take a strict test and usually only 30% percent are accepted. This school is also used to exchange students in several countries.

5. Seoul Institute if the Arts
Seoul Institute if the ArtsOne of the personnel from BEAST who had studied here was Lee Gi Kwang. The facilities at this school are very complete, including: painting galleries, film studios, theater halls and drama centers. One of the art performances ever held at the University is the Painting exhibition which took place in 2009, and in 2010 held a musical drama. This school also spawned many famous artists such as the multitalented Goo Hye Sun, My Cute boy The Kim Bum, Super Junior Sungmin, So Ye Jin, Kim Ha Neul, BIGBANG TOP, etc.

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