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5 Rare Motorbikes in the World, no more than 10 people own it

Motorcycle collectors are not always eyeing the latest productions, but also those that are rare and not widely owned by the general public. Because, it is a matter of pride for the owner of this rare motorbike.

Moreover, if the motorbike is in original condition. Of course, even if you want to sell it again, the price will definitely soar.

Indeed, rare motorbikes do not have to be old. Because, the motorbike manufacturer could make a special or limited edition series that not everyone can have it.

Reporting from The Things, Thursday, February 20, 2020, the rare motorbikes will be even more valuable if the number is not that many anymore. Here is a list of 5 rare motorbikes owned by less than 10 people in the world.

1. Harley Davidson Panhead Capten America
Harley Davidson Panhead Capten AmericaPanhead has always been a favorite of big motorcycle fans, especially Marvel Comics lovers. The motor was also used by Wolverine in several scenes in the story.

What is becoming rare, Harley releases this type with the Captain America theme. This motorbike is also recorded as only one unit at this time and was auctioned in 2014 for US $ 1.35 million.

2. Triumph Bonneville 750 1970
Triumph Bonneville 750 1970This gambot motorbike holds a unique place in Triumph’s history. In this year the motorbike was released by many racers who used it and recognized its speed when it hit the streets.

Bonneville 750 that year only made 211 units and 210 of that number were immediately stripped for racing. This one photo is the only one that survives mint condition.

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3. Ducati 996 SPS 1999
Ducati 996 SPS 1999The 996 is not the first series limited production by Ducati. There is also the 916 SPA series, which only built 54 units. However, the 996 SPS is much rarer at only 20 units.

Its speed on the road is even faster than the 916 SPA. Fewer than 8 first-year production models exist today.

4. Kawasaki ZX-4 1988
Kawasaki ZX-4 1988There were several fast Japanese motorbikes produced in 1980. One of them was the Kawasaki ZX-4 which carried a dual 4 stroke cam with a 400 cc engine capacity.

Speeding up to 130 Mph was quite fast at that time. The original 1988 edition is very rare nowadays. Even the spare parts are auctioned at low prices.

5. Vincent White Shadow 1951
Vincent White Shadow 1951This motorbike is often seen as a ghost in automotive circles. Only 15 units were ever built in 1949 and 1952. The 1951 version was painted metallic silver.

Less than 7 units of this motorbike are in the world today. One of these was auctioned for US434,000 at Bonhams Las Vegas, making it the ninth highest-selling motorcycle.