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5 Tallest Skyscraper Buildings in the World

Traveling is indeed one of the most fun things to save a moment of togetherness with friends, family, and loved ones. Maybe traveling to world-famous landmarks and having the highest buildings in the world becomes your choice to be a special spot photo with your loved ones, here are the 5 tallest skyscrapers in the world that you must visit:

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai (828 Meters)
Burj Khalifa, DubaiTruly a miracle, not only in terms of technical expertise but imagination and design, the 828-meter Burj Khalifa has attracted visitors from all over the world since its opening in 2010. This magnificent building is the conceptual heart and soul of Dubai – inspiring those who see it to imagine new possibility.

Inspired by the abstraction of the Hymenocallis flower, this towering structure is basically three parts arranged around a central core. Viewed from above, it remains consistent with the onion-shaped dome design that is often found in various Islamic architectures, even on a much smaller scale.

Not only does the Burj Khalifa have one but two observation decks – the top two floors on the 124th and 125th floors, as well as the highest observation deck in the world (555m) on the 148th floor. To get a truly special experience, visitors can choose to eat at At.mosphere restaurant and lounge on the 122th floor.

On the ground floor of this huge tower you will find a lively entertainment and dining center, including the huge Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain musical choreography, and a number of tourist attractions to keep you and your fellow admirers busy.

2. Wuhan Greenland Center, China (636 Meters)
Bamboo Curtain country also has the highest skyscraper or megatall with a height reaching 636 meters. This building is located in Wuhan, China. Consisting of 120 floors, the building, named Wuhan Greenland Center.

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Wuhan Greenland Center, ChinaThis one tower applies the concept of saving energy in it. A number of technologies that support sustainability and energy efficiency are very applied in this building, including the greywater recovery system that is able to reuse water that is wasted from laundry, showers, until the washing water into a room air-conditioning system in the building, energy-efficient lighting, and ventilation systems that are able to maximize the air from outside the building. This building is able to save energy use by up to 51 percent.

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture are the designers behind this environmentally friendly building. The tower which has a pointed end on it is used as a residence, office, to a five-star hotel.

As population growth in China continues to increase, the construction of this building is intended to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Green plants are deliberately placed in the building can increase the freshness in the room.

3. Shanghai Tower, China (632 Meters)
Shanghai Tower is the third tallest tower in the world as high as 632 meters and consists of 128 floors. The tower is located in Pudong, Shanghai and is the design of Gensler.

Shanghai Tower, ChinaBuilt since November 2008 and completed at a cost of USD 2.4 billion. This tower has the highest and fastest elevator travel. Its speed reaches 74 km / hour which was designed by Mitsubishi, so within 32 seconds this elevator can reach a height of 580 meters.

This building is also designed to withstand earthquakes up to 7.5 on the Richter scale with the help of mass dampers. The Chinese government declares this building as a symbol of a nation with a future full of unlimited opportunities.

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One of Shanghai Tower’s uniqueness is its twisted shape. At first glance similar to the structure of DNA. Shanghai Tower’s rotation reaches 120 degrees. Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co. as the developer stated that the round in the building is a symbol of China’s future.

4. Abraj Al Bait Tower Twins Hotel, Saudi Arabia (601 Meters)
Abraj Al-Bait Tower or also known as Makkah Royal Clock Tower, the building designed by architects from Dar Al Handasah Architects has a short distance from the Grand Mosque, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, consisting of a mixed-use area between residential and hotel. This 601 meter tall building is the second tallest building in the Middle East, under the Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Abraj Al Bait Tower Twins Hotel, Saudi ArabiaThis building is part of the Abdulaziz Endowment Project, which seeks to modernize the holy city in an effort to serve pilgrims. In addition, the building complex also managed to break several world records, such as the highest clock in the world and the building with the largest floor in the world.

In fact, the tower hotel complex was named the second tallest building in the world in 2012 – under the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in Dubai) and surpassed Taipei 101 in Taipei. In addition, the location of this hotel complex is quite strategic because it is only a few meters from the largest mosque in the world and the holiest Islamic site, Masjid al Haram.

The developer and contractor of the complex is Binladin Saudi Group, the largest construction company owned by the Arab kingdom. The complex was built after the destruction of the Ajyad Fort, a relic of the 18th century Ottoman Empire which stands on a hill overlooking the Haram Mosque.

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For those of you who want to see the grandeur of the Abraj Al-Bait tower, the site of the complex is located across the street to the south of the entrance to the Grand Mosque. To accommodate the pilgrims who want to visit the Kaaba, this 601-meter-high tower has a large prayer room that can accommodate more than 10,000 worshipers.

Abraj Al-Bait also has a five-star hotel, which is operated by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. This hotel provides accommodation for millions of pilgrims who travel to Mecca every year.

5. Ping An Finance Center, China (599.1 Meters)
Ping An Finance Center, ChinaThe headquarters of the Chinese insurance company Ping An is in the Futian business district, Shenzhen, China. The fifth tallest building in the world. Designed by a team of architects Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF), this building is designed as high as 599 meters. Reporting from Dezeen, Ping An Finance Center covers 100 floors that can accommodate 15,500 employees. An observation deck is also in the building which is expected to receive 9,000 people a day.

As the fifth tallest building, Ping An Finance Center is under the Royal Tower of Mecca (601 meters), Shanghai Tower (632 meters), Wuhan Greenland Center (636 meters) and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 meters). The construction of the Ping An Finance Center was completed in December 2017, after seven years of construction. Buildings are tapered at the top to reduce the impact of wind pressure by up to 40 percent.