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6 Best Free CDN Choices for WordPress

Having a fast WordPress site is becoming one of the goals that webmasters need to achieve. CDN can be a “bridge” to achieve this goal. The question is what are the free CDN options for WordPress?

What is a CDN? Content Delivery Network (CDN) in short is a content distribution network service that has geographically dispersed data centers with the aim of distributing high-performance content to end users.

A simple example is: the hosting server you use is in United States while website visitors come from other countries. Without a CDN, let’s say you have 5 seconds to access it. With a CDN, content distribution will be carried out by the closest CDN server location in the country, so the access time will decrease to 2 seconds.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)Should I Use a CDN?
Before deciding to use a CDN for WordPress, you should consider a few things:

Server Location
The location of the hosting server that is used plays an important role before using a CDN. If your hosting server is in Indonesia and your target audience is from Indonesia, it is not recommended to use a CDN if the CDN does not have a server location in Indonesia.

An example is like this: the hosting server in Indonesia and the closest server to the CDN are in Australia, so visitors will get content stored in Australia, the routing that will occur is Indonesia -> Australia -> Indonesia.

The result? loading time will increase. Which should be 2 seconds, but because you have to route to Australia, it will increase by 1 second so that the total access time is 3 seconds. Not effective, right?

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Make sure to choose a CDN that has the same or closest server location to the location of the target visitor. This is very absolute and important.

Total Content and Visitors
If the amount of content on your WordPress site is small (images, css and js) and daily visitors are low then it is not advisable to use a CDN.

Benefits of Using a CDN
Whatever decision you ultimately make, CDN will still provide benefits.

  1. Reducing the burden on the hosting server, especially in serving static files (images, JavaScript and CSS).
  2. Content delivery is faster with records according to targets.
  3. Some CDNs add security (firewall) and anti-DDoS features to increase the security of your WordPress site.
  4. Reduces network latency.
  5. Analytic (calculating the number of site visitors).

Here are 6 of the Best Free CDN Choices for WordPress