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6 Best Free CDN Choices for WordPress

Having a fast WordPress site is becoming one of the goals that webmasters need to achieve. CDN can be a “bridge” to achieve this goal. The question is what are the free CDN options for WordPress?

What is a CDN? Content Delivery Network (CDN) in short is a content distribution network service that has geographically dispersed data centers with the aim of distributing high-performance content to end users.

A simple example is: the hosting server you use is in United States while website visitors come from other countries. Without a CDN, let’s say you have 5 seconds to access it. With a CDN, content distribution will be carried out by the closest CDN server location in the country, so the access time will decrease to 2 seconds.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)Should I Use a CDN?
Before deciding to use a CDN for WordPress, you should consider a few things:

Server Location
The location of the hosting server that is used plays an important role before using a CDN. If your hosting server is in Indonesia and your target audience is from Indonesia, it is not recommended to use a CDN if the CDN does not have a server location in Indonesia.

An example is like this: the hosting server in Indonesia and the closest server to the CDN are in Australia, so visitors will get content stored in Australia, the routing that will occur is Indonesia -> Australia -> Indonesia.

The result? loading time will increase. Which should be 2 seconds, but because you have to route to Australia, it will increase by 1 second so that the total access time is 3 seconds. Not effective, right?

Make sure to choose a CDN that has the same or closest server location to the location of the target visitor. This is very absolute and important.

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Total Content and Visitors
If the amount of content on your WordPress site is small (images, css and js) and daily visitors are low then it is not advisable to use a CDN.

Benefits of Using a CDN
Whatever decision you ultimately make, CDN will still provide benefits.

  1. Reducing the burden on the hosting server, especially in serving static files (images, JavaScript and CSS).
  2. Content delivery is faster with records according to targets.
  3. Some CDNs add security (firewall) and anti-DDoS features to increase the security of your WordPress site.
  4. Reduces network latency.
  5. Analytic (calculating the number of site visitors).

Here are 6 of the Best Free CDN Choices for WordPress

1. Cloudflare
Cloudflare is the king of free CDN. It is not without reason that Cloudflare holds the status of king because of its infrastructure and features. And amazingly, Cloudflare’s free CDN service has an abundance of features.

Cloudflare CDNThe following features can be enjoyed for free from Cloudflare:

  • CDN
  • Firewall
  • Anti DDoS
  • Cache optimization
  • Global server
  • Bad bots filter
  • Content cache and there is a purge cache option
  • Rocket loader (JavaScript async feature)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • The fastest DNS
  • Page rules

The number of CDN servers or Points of Presence (PoPs) that are owned is very large and spread throughout the world. Cloudflare already has a PoPs location in Cengkareng Jakarta. If lucky, free users can be served through the Jakarta server but it is not a priority.

Currently, the weakness of Cloudflare is that it has problems with the largest internet provider in Indonesia, namely Indihome and several other providers. Website visitors who use Indihome find it difficult to access the website behind the Cloudflare CDN.

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2. Statically
Statically isn’t actually a CDN provider. Statically is a free service that bridges a website that wants to use CDNs from several existing large CDN providers.

So if your website is installed Statically, then the static content of your site will be placed by Statically on several CDNs that are already Statically integrated.Statically CDN

And steadily, Statically is now integrated with world-class premium CDN services such as:

  • Cloudflare
  • Fastly
  • BunnyCDN
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • Amazon CloudFront

And you can take advantage of it for free and without limits! And also, Statically’s developer comes from Indonesia.

3. Anyone CDN
One more CDN integration service made by a developer from Indonesia. Anyone CDN has the same functionality as Statically. They bridge the WordPress website with a premium CDN service that can be used for free. The features that can be enjoyed from Anyone CDN can be seen from the following picture.Anyone CDN

4. Shift8 CDN
Shift8 CDN is the next free CDN choice for WordPress. You can integrate the Shift8 CDN service with your WordPress site using their official plugin.

Unfortunately, even though the Shift8 CDN service is free, there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth used in 1 month, which is 1 TB, so it is not suitable for websites with booming visitors.

For the location of the PoPs server, it might not be as much as other CDNs, but they already have a server in Singapore, which means it can be used for websites targeting Indonesian visitors.

5. QUIC.cloud
QUIC.cloud is LiteSpeed’s CDN. QUIC.cloud is in our opinion one of the best free CDN for WordPress. If another CDN only serves static files, QUIC.cloud can serve HTML files on the CDN by simply pressing the active button.

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Other CDNs can serve HTML files on their CDN but require special setup. In QUIC.cloud, all you have to do is activate it by clicking the active button.QUIC.cloud CDN

The features provided are also complete, here are some of the QUIC.cloud features:

  • CDN
  • Firewall (anti DDoS and brute force)
  • Unlimited premium class image optimization
  • Static file optimization

However, to use the QUIC.cloud service, a WordPress site is required to use the LiteSpeed ​​cache plugin. The only way to use QUIC.cloud at this time is to integrate via the plugin.

And for free use there is a quota. Currently, the monthly quota that you can enjoy is 10 GB. Enough for small to middle class websites. If the quota runs out, the CDN service will automatically be deactivated until the following month’s reset.

6. ArvanCloud
ArvanCloud could be the next free CDN alternative. Free usage will still get premium features but are limited based on the monthly quota.

Here are some of the ArvanCloud CDN features:

  • CDN
  • Firewall (anti DDoS, WAF)
  • Cache optimization
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Analytics
  • Image optimization

How much quota can be used on the ArvanCloud CDN? Can be seen in the following picture.ArvanCloud CDN

We provide the free CDN options for WordPress above based on personal experience changing CDNs. Everything we mentioned above is ideal for use on a WordPress based website. It is highly recommended to try them one by one to find which one is the most suitable for your website.

If you want to try a paid premium level CDN with abundant features and a low price, you can consider using BunnyCDN.