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6 Criteria and Examples of Quality Backlinks

You can’t be careless in looking for backlinks. Google does not judge backlinks by quantity alone, but also considers quality. Remember, quality backlinks will only hurt you. So you have to carefully select backlinks in order to get quality backlinks. What are the quality backlink criteria? Here are six criteria for quality backlinks:

As I explained in the previous article, you must get relevant backlinks in order to get positive effects from backlinks. How to determine the website that is relevant to your website?

Make a priority website potential for backlinks to be planted. You can group them into groups of potential websites. From very relevant, quite relevant, to not relevant.

Very relevant backlink groups are websites where most of the contents are certain product reviews. For example, your business is computers and laptops. Look for websites or review blogs that specifically review computers and laptops.

In the backlink group is quite relevant, you can expand the criteria of prospective backlinks. You can search for blogs or websites whose posts are mostly about technology, not just laptops and computers.

Finally, can you plant backlinks on websites that are not relevant to your business? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can plant backlinks on websites that are not relevant to the requirements of those websites having super high traffic and discussing diverse content such as news portals. If the website is not relevant to the business and does not have high traffic, you should leave it.

Have Authority (Authority)
Relevance alone is not enough. You also have to make sure the website that you are going to plant backlinks really has credibility and influence. How do you ensure the credibility of a website? You can check the credibility of the website using software such as Ahrefs. Credibility at Ahrefs is measured using a scale of 1 to 100 called the Domain Rating (DR). Domain Rating measures how many quality backlinks a website gets. The higher the DR value, the more potential for backlinks.

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Besides Domain Rating (DR), you also need to consider the amount of traffic generated by a website before making it a backlink. To measure how much traffic a website produces per month you can also use Ahrefs. Make sure the website that will be planted with backlinks actually gets traffic.

Editorial Standards
Also pay attention to the website content editorial standards that will be planted with backlinks. Usually those that produce quality backlinks are websites with strict editorial standards such as news portals or credible bloggers.

Outbound Link Quality
Websites with good quality backlinks will usually only provide quality backlinks to websites. Therefore, pay attention to outbound links from prospective websites that will be planted with backlinks. Is their outbound link track record good? Do they provide quality outbound links to websites?

Google indexed
Last and most important is Google indexed. The website that you will be planting backlinks must be indexed by Google. If a website is not indexed by Google, it should be abandoned. Because planting backlinks on websites that are not indexed by Google is useless.

How to check whether a website has been indexed by Google or not easy enough. Open Google. Then type “site: examplewebsite.com”. If after that nothing appears, leave the website.

Building a website with quality backlinks requires a lot of effort. Keep in mind that before building quality backlinks, you must first build the main foundation, namely content. No matter how many backlinks you get, everything will be in vain without unique, complete, and quality content.

Backlinks that you get also must meet certain criteria so that the effect can be felt. So always do your research first before deciding to plant backlinks using the indicators mentioned above. That way your backlink will have a positive effect on your website or blog.

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