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6 Extraordinary Benefits of Turmeric for Health

Turmeric is one of the spices that is often used for cooking ingredients. In addition to the distinctive color and flavor, turmeric also has benefits that can be used as a variety of drugs to overcome health problems. Here are six benefits of turmeric for health that you should know.

1. Natural anti-inflammatory compounds
Not many know that turmeric can fight inflammation in the body. In turmeric there are curcumin compounds which have antioxidant properties and provide anti-inflammatory effects so they can destroy free radicals in the body.

Curcumin can suppress many molecules which play a major role in inflammation. Turmeric is efficacious to reduce pain and inflammation such as arthritis arthritis, osteoarthritis (calcification of bones and joints), and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Increase the Body’s Antioxidant Capacity
Benefits of Turmeric for HealthAntioxidants can protect our body from free radicals. Curcumin contained in turmeric is one of the powerful antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals because of its chemical structure.

In addition, curcumin also increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body and stimulates the body’s antioxidant defenses. Turmeric can be used as an alternative in order to increase antioxidants in the body by being used as a drink such as herbal medicine.

3. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
The main benefit of curcumin in turmeric is improving endothelium function which is the lining of your blood vessels. Endothelium is a major cause of heart disease due to its inability to regulate blood pressure, blood clots, and various other factors. Curcumin can improve heart health and turmeric helps improve blood circulation and prevent blood clots to prevent heart attacks.

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4. Helps Prevent Cancer
Cancer is a terrible disease for everyone. Cancer is usually characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. The benefits of turmeric for the body can be obtained because of its curcumin content which can reduce the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, the spread of cancer, and contribute to cancer cell death.

Curcumin has anti-cancer effects and is able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing. Turmeric can be processed by mixing turmeric juice into the water to be drunk.

5. As a Depression Medication
Turmeric is rich in carotenoids and vitamin B. This helps to increase levels of serotonin and also other important chemicals in the brain. Turmeric is also rich in polyphenols, known as curcumin which is very effective in the treatment of depression.

Curcumin can increase the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine so that it makes the mind better. Many ways you can do to make turmeric as a depression medication one of them by adding turmeric to the cooking.

6. Helps Delay Aging
Turmeric is one of the herbs that contain the highest antioxidants on the ORAC scale. ORAC, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a scale that measures the amount and activity of antioxidants in food. Turmeric has antioxidants which is very important to protect the integrity of the skin by preventing free radicals from damaging their texture and elasticity.

Antioxidants also protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, one of the main contributors to visible signs of aging. If you want your skin to stay tight, you can eat turmeric which can be processed into drinks or added to seasonings in cooking.

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