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6 Famous and Historical Places in India You Must Visit

India is one of the destination countries for foreign tourists because of the life of its inhabitants who still adhere to its original cultures. When visiting a famous city in India, you can still see women wearing saris, typical Indian women’s clothes, and men in turbans. The offerings that are scattered in street corners you will often meet. The buildings still retain their original form which adheres to the typical ancient Hindu architecture.

Historical Places in IndiaThere are so many historical traces that you can find in India. Traveling to India can be an option for those of you who like to trace the history of ancient civilized. Many tourist attractions in India have historical value. From the traces of the Mughal empire to the beauty of “Pink City” Jaipur with its palace complexes.

Here are 6 historical places in India that you can visit to trace the history of the seventh largest country in the world.

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