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6 Scariest Street Portraits in the World, Your Heart Will Beat Fast

When crossing a winding road or a road that requires passing through a ravine, it often gives a person goosebumps. This winding road is usually found when crossing mountains. The reason is this can make it easier for motorbikes or cars to make it easier to drive.

A person passing a winding road must be mentally prepared to pass through these extreme roads. But usually someone will get a beautiful view after crossing this extreme and winding road.

The road itself is a land transportation infrastructure that covers all areas on land. This road that is somewhat extreme and winding can be found in almost all countries. besides winding, you can also find roads that have to pass through ravines to the sea.

Here are 6 portraits of the world’s scariest streets, winding roads to roads that cross ravines and oceans.

1. The Trollstigen Road in Norway
The Trollstigen Road in NorwayThis scenic walk is also known as the Troll Path. It certainly feels thrilling when someone walks through this road that crosses the west coast of Norway. This road may appear a little unsafe at some points due to its legendary sharp turns. Yet it is one of the most famous panoramic drives in Norway that will leave one dazzled and amazed by the most beautiful scenery ever.

2. Tianmen Mountain Road, Hunan, China
Tianmen Mountain Road, Hunan, ChinaThe next scariest road is located in Hunan, China. China is known for its unique architecture and the streets are no exception. Tianmen Mountain Road has 99 turns which are quite difficult to drive. If you don’t dare to drive your own vehicle, you can use the cable car which operates from the nearest train station. A person crossing this road will be greeted with beautiful views and mountains.

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3. The Winding Way Aizhai, China
The Winding Way Aizhai, ChinaThis next scariest, yet unique street is located in China. This magic road is built on steep mountains and there are 13 sharp turns which are quite unsafe on the way to the top. Driving on this road will make one feel as if he is driving into the sky.

4. Seven Mile Bridge and Florida Keys in Florida
Seven Mile Bridge and Florida Keys in FloridaThis 110 mile long bridge is also known as the Overseas Highway. The road was designed by legendary industrialist Henry Flagler and is preserved as a national heritage. The road offers a beautiful and extraordinary sea view. The beauty that is offered when crossing these streets successfully makes someone amazed.

5. Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria
Grossglockner High Alpine Road in AustriaAustria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road is one of the Alps’ most spectacular and dramatic routes. This road can pump a driver’s adrenaline when traversing steep and narrow zigzagging roads and winding turns. Even though it is winding and adrenaline-pumping, the green scenery along this road can spoil one’s eyes.

6. Dadès Gorge Road in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Dadès Gorge Road in the High Atlas Mountains, MoroccoThe Dades Gorge Path is a spectacular meandering journey along the way one will go through breathtaking desert landscapes. Although spooky and winding, the scenery along the streets can also spoil one’s eyes.