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6 Strategies to Build Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are not easily obtained. The strategy of building quality backlinks consists in starting with creating complete, unique, and solutive content. Here is how to get quality backlinks on your website.

Build Credibility
Build Quality BacklinksTo be able to get quality backlinks, you must first build the credibility of your website or blog. As I have already mentioned in the Outbound Link Quality points, usually websites or blogs with quality backlinks are only willing to provide quality backlinks to websites and blogs. Therefore, you need to build credibility first.

Write Complete and Solutive Content
How to build the credibility of your website or blog? Of course the answer is in the content. Make sure the content on your website is complete and able to answer the searcher’s questions. The content you write must also be solutive. So after reading the article on your blog or website, readers can solve the problems they are experiencing. That way they don’t hesitate to share your article on social media or even their website or blog.

Create Unique Content
In addition to complete and solutive content, your content must also be unique. If possible, create content that has not been created by others. A point of view that no one has ever taken before. For example, you can do a case study about your customer or business. The uniqueness of your content will attract others to embed links to your website or blog.

Create infographics
Sometimes people are lazy to read long paragraphs. To get around this, you can use infographics. Make an infographic so people are interested in reading your article. In addition, it is easier for people to share infographics because they are more interesting and easier to understand.

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Use Backlink Tools
Backlink Checker ToolsThe four ways above are ways to get backlinks naturally. Good, unique, complete, and solutive content will attract people to put your website or blog link on their website.

Even so, you also have to pick up the ball in order to get quality backlinks. Because websites and blogs with good quality backlinks need to be approached personally first to then be able to plant backlinks there.

To find quality websites and blogs, you need the help of third parties like Ahrefs. To date, Ahrefs is the best tool for finding quality backlinks. With Ahrefs you can find quality blogs and websites based on keywords that are relevant to your business. In addition, you can also find out the website’s credibility through the Domain Rating (DR) and the amount of traffic generated.

Use Content Sharing Platform
Most people share their latest articles or content on social media. It is indeed mandatory. However, besides sharing content on social media, you also need to share your content content sharing platform.

Content sharing platforms such as Reddit, and SlideShare can be used to place your website or blog link. You can write a new article that is still related to the topic you are discussing and then place the article link you want. That way you get a backlink from the content sharing platform. Even though the link is nofollow, this method is still feasible to be used to promote blog or website content.

Perform Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is when you write articles that are not to be published on your own blog, but are published on other people’s blogs or websites. In the article you put a link to your blog or website. However, you need to choose a blog or website with high traffic so that guest blogging can feel the benefits.

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