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7 Amazing and Unique Building Designs in Japan

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has many impressive buildings that showcase the city as a center of modern architecture and human progress. You might have seen Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Roppongi Hill, and other architectural wonders in Tokyo that have high tourist significance. However, if you are looking for unique buildings that give you a different feel, then these are the seven best buildings in Tokyo to visit.

1. Tokyu Plaza
Tokyu Plaza GinzaOmotesando is a modern-style area in Tokyo with super cool buildings that accommodate flagship shops and attract hundreds of visitors every day. Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando and Ginza are not only buildings with many clothing stores, but also modern architectural specimens.

From the interior to the exterior, Tokyu Plaza captivates you in the blink of an eye. Harajuku Plaza has an entrance with an elevator that takes you past amazing mirror art on its walls, which you will not see anywhere else. The Ginza building is made entirely of glass.

The inside of this building vibrates every aesthetic nerve in our body with an elegant design that reflects the modern urban movement. Ginza is a must-visit shopping district in Tokyo where you can take a walk to enjoy its architecture and admire the achievements of Japanese architectural creativity.

2. Nakagin Capsule Tower
Nakagin Capsule TowerYou may have heard about capsule hotels in Japan. They tend to be cheaper than ordinary hotels and look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The building named Kisho Kurokawa is a tower that looks like a collection of washing machines arranged one on top of another like LEGO bricks. This is a place for singles and busy people who want to rent cheap apartments with all the amenities.

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3. Reiyukai Shakaden Temple
There is a building in the middle of Tokyo that resembles something like an alien spaceship with a unique pyramid-shaped design and a dark granite exterior. This is the home of the Japanese Reiyukai Movement, a Buddhist sect determined to spread peace through spiritual teachings called the “Lotus Sutra” of the Buddha. Built in 1925, this building has a very large and amazing meditation hall like no other where you can also get free Japanese lessons!

4. Cathedral of St. Mary
St. Cathedral Mary is arguably the most beautiful building in Japan made entirely of stainless steel. Built by Kenzo Tange, this cathedral is unlike any other church with its striking exterior and interior that has sloping walls and a magnificent hall.

5. Asahi Beer Building
Asahi Beer BuildingAsahi Beer is a popular Japanese brand that must be tried by beer lovers at least once in Japan. Most people are familiar with the Asahi brand because this brand can be found in almost all shops and bars throughout the country. The building, which is shaped like a glass of beer, is the Asahi corporate headquarters and is located along the banks of the beautiful Sumida River near Tokyo Skytree. Right next to it is the Super Dry Hall, a black building with a golden flame on it that can catch your attention in an instant.

6. Cocoon Tower
The Gokuen Cocoon Fashion Tower is located in Shinjuku and is one of the busiest places in Tokyo where you can see many institutions, shopping centers, and corporate offices. If you’ve ever visited Shinjuku, you might have seen a unique 50-story cocoon-shaped building that is actually the highest center of education in Asia.

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7. 2121 Design Sight
2121 Design SightThis list may not be complete if it does not mention the first design museum in Tokyo, located in Minato-ku in the downtown area of Tokyo. Designed by one of the greatest architects of all time, Tadao Ando, 2121 Design Sight houses a collection of designs from several well-known local and international designers. Some interesting facts about this building include that it is shaped like a grasshopper and more than half of the entire building is underground with a bright hall.

Here are seven amazing rare building designs that you must see if you want to explore the modernity of buildings in Tokyo. Next time you visit the capital city of Japan, consider these impressive modern architectural displays.