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7 Classic and Antique Cars Worth Collecting

In the automotive world, of course there are various kinds of cars that until now continue to experience developments in technology and design. Of the various types of cars that have been produced, there are some of them that are classified as rare types of cars and the price can be very expensive.

The cars got a rare title not because of no reason, because among them it was deliberately produced with a very limited amount.

Then there are also some types of cars that the manufacturer weAntique Carsnt bankrupt, thus making car products produced by the company must be stopped, so that makes the cars that have been produced to be very rare, and only certain people can buy it. Here are 7 rows of rare cars that should be used as collections.

1. Dodge Coronet – R / T Convertible Made in 1970
Dodge Coronet - R/T ConvertibleIf you are one of those who drive cars in the American Muscle style, then this Dodge Coronet car will truly represent your satisfaction to get the figure of a real American Muslce-style car. The design of the car is indeed classified as very classic, but until now many people recognize that this one car still gives the impression of an elegant, luxurious, elegant, and dashing of course.

This Dodge Coronet has been produced twice between 1967 and the 1970s. Are you interested in buying this car? You should think first, because the price is not kidding. Due to the fact, the Dodge Coronet series made in 1967 or made in 1970 are two very rare types of cars. It is known that until now, for the Dodge Coronet series made in 1967 there are only two units, then the Dodge Coronet series made in 1970 also have only two units in this world. Of course we can imagine how exclusive and expensive this Dodge Coronet car is.

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2. Packard Panther Made in 1954
Packard PantherThis car was first made precisely in 1954, Packard Panther has a design that is classified as very cool and luxurious at that time. This Panther Packard is a car designed for 2 passengers only, equipped with a clipper headlight on the back, then the body parts are made from fiberglass, the roof is designed to be disassembled.

Until now, this Packard Panther car is finally included in the category of a very rare type of car, because the manufacturer only produces this car as many as 4 units of the car, very rare and not exclusive. And the fact is, at this time it is known that there are only 2 units of cars that can still be driven well, and according to the news the remaining two units have become antique collections that may not be operated anymore. One of these Packard Panther cars was able to make it into the market in mid-2006, and then there was a mysterious person who was willing to pay 360,000 USD to be able to bring home this Packard Panther, and that person still doesn’t want his identity to be revealed.

3. Oldsmobile F-88 series Made in 1954
Oldsmobile F-88 seriesThe next rare car is the Oldsmobile F-88 series. Its appearance is classified as elegant and very beautiful, of course, increase its selling price on the market. The car that is being hunted desperately by the world’s collectors has a powerful engine that reaches 200 horsepower.

Reportedly, the Oldsmobile F-88 series car was first only produced as many as 4 units of the car by the manufacturer, and after that was never produced again at all. Oldsmobile car F-88 series is a unit of antique car types that have been successfully sold at the opening of the auction reached a price of 3.6 million USD. That proves that this car is not only very rare, but also super expensive.

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4. Camaro ZL 1 Made in 1969
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1Many automotive lovers in the world say that the Camaro ZL1 is a Camaro type car that has the best quality than the Camaro cars ever produced. The Camaro ZL1 is very handsome with the feel of the American Muslce, and is very popular among the world’s collectors and racers. The unique fact, this classic-style car is the first generation of all types or types of Camaro ever made in the 1960s.

You need to know too, that the Camaro ZL1 is the last car model from the early generation of Camaro cars. Its status is classified as rare and luxurious that makes many collectors really willing to drain a large cost to bring home this car as a private collection. Reportedly the price of the Camaro ZL1 car has reached 1 million USD, in fact there are also some collectors who dare to bid with prices above that.

5. Duesenberg – Model J Murphy Bodied Coupe Production in 1931
Duesenberg - Model J Murphy Bodied CoupeOne more car product that not only has to be searched for, but also has a very competitive price. The car was named Dusenberg – Model J Murphy Body Coupe. First designed by an American industrialist, named Frank Hershey, in which this car was made right at some time when the Duesenberg company went bankrupt in mid-1937. Whereas at that time, the Duesenberg company only produced only about 500 units of the car. , but had to go bankrupt due to an internal crisis. Which of course that makes the Dusenberg car – Model J Murphy Body Coupe not only become very rare, but also can not be obtained at cheap prices, of course.

6. Phantom Corsair Made in 1938
Phantom CorsairIn 1938 was the golden era and glory of this Phantom Corsair car. In that year, there was reportedly not a single car product that could rival the reputation and rival the appearance of this Phantom Corsair car. Because this car does have a special engine and body design that is classified as very unique. This car was first launched in early 1938. If we look at a glance, this Phantom Corsair car does have a design that gives a scary and frightening impression. Where the creepy impression is often associated with the design of the famous superhero Batman’s car.

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Indeed, there are a few similarities, but this Phantom Corsair car looks more gentle. The shape of the body is deliberately made futuroustic style, and unfortunately this car is only produced as much as 1 unit. And reportedly, this very rare car is not allowed to enter at auction events anywhere. If it could enter the auction, it was reportedly expected to reach a price of 10 million USD.

7. Rolls Royce – 15 HP Made in 1904
Rolls Royce - 15 HPThe next very rare car is a car with an initial model from the row of car models that Charles Rolls and Henry Royce once produced. This one car is only powerful at 15 horsepower, but it becomes very valuable because of the historical value it bears. Because this car is a car with an initial design from a Rolls Royece-owned car company, many say that the car says that the Rolls Royce-15HP is the ancestor of all Rolls Royce company car products.

At that time, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce could only make as many as 6 Rolls Royce-15HP cars. But the fact is that until now only 1 Rolls Royce-15HP car can be found where it is. So, where are the other cars? Until now, no one knows its whereabouts. It is very difficult to estimate the price of this early generation Rolls Royce-15HP, but many believe that the price can reach 35 million USD.