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7 Legendary James Bond Cars

Secret agent 007 or James Bond films are usually decorated with a variety of iconic vehicles. This time, we reveal a number of James Bond cars that have become legends.

As is known, James Bond is usually accompanied by cool cars and beautiful women who adorn his actions to destroy his criminal friends. The film about the secret agent 007 itself was first released in 1962.

Since then, this film has featured several modified cars for combat equipment to eradicate enemies. For the most part, the cars used in this film are simply extraordinary.

Not infrequently, even some of these cars become icons for car manufacturers. However, there are a number of cars that are only used for destruction and seem strange when used by a secret agent.

For example, the tuk-tuk tuk-tuk Bajaj RE (Thailand), Citroen 2CV, and Ford Mondeo, as if these vehicles are not in line with the character and image of James Bond. But those are just some additional gimmicks to make the film feel more exciting.

Interestingly, James Bond films are also used by automotive manufacturers to promote their latest products. As was done by the Ford Motor Company in 2002.

Ford is willing to spend up to USD 35 million to be able to show one of their cars in the James Bond film Die Another Day. Discuss more about James Bond cars from time to time.

There are a number of iconic cars that you definitely shouldn’t miss. As in the first James Bond film, at that time the secret agent was driving a Bentley Blower.

However, when referring to the latest James Bond films, the secret agent often uses the Aston Martin product line. Even the image of the British manufacturer is quite attached to the figure of James Bond.

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So, without elaborating, we will reveal a number of James Bond cars that are quite attached to the figure of the secret agent. Curious to know what? Listen to this review until it runs out.

1. Lotus Esprit S1, James Bond Car From Time to Time
Lotus Esprit S1Discussing the James Bond car from time to time, of course, cannot be separated from the figure of Lotues Esprit S1. This car graced the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me which was very impressive when it was used by the secret agent.

In particular, the producer at that time made sure that this Lotus had a very impressive weapon. Uniquely, in the film Lotus Esprit S1 can turn into a submarine.

After appearing in the film, this car is considered to be in demand in the market. Where Esprit received orders for the next three years.

One of the Lotus Esprit S1 was even bought by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The car was even auctioned off in 2013 with a fairly high figure, which is worth USD 997,000.

2. Aston Martin DB5
Aston Martin DB5The next legendary James Bond car that is quite iconic is the Aston Martin DB5. This car has even become one of the cars that made history in the James Bond film.

After this car appeared in the Goldfinger film in 1964, the popularity of this model was sensational. Even some people call him a star rather than James Bond.

Movie viewers are mesmerized by the presence of extraordinary bizarre features, such as rotating license plates, machine guns and ejector seats. Interestingly, Aston Martin DB5 also had graced a number of subsequent films, such as Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and Skyfall.

In 2019, one of the four Aston Martin DB5s used in the Goldfinger film was auctioned for USD 6,385,000. Fantastic isn’t it the price?

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3. BMW Z8
BMW Z8Another European manufacturer that has worked in the James Bond film is BMW. Where in 1985, the Bavarian manufacturer had to spend USD 3 million to be able to display their products.

There are a number of legendary James Bond cars that are supported by BMW in a number of the agent’s films. One of them is the BMW Z3 Roadster.

The impact appears in the film, the manufacturer is able to generate USD 240 million for this newest product. Then James Bond also drove a BMW 750iL.

But maybe Z8 in the film The World Is Not Enough which aired in 1999. The feeling that best fits the image and character.

Uniquely, the car is equipped with a pair of side rockets which are used in one scene to help bring down the helicopter. This moment was the last time the agent rode a BMW.

4. Aston Martin Vanquish
Aston Martin VanquishAfter the BMW era in the 1990s as a legendary James Bond car, it remains quite an impression on the memory. The agent returned to use an Aston Martin car in the film Die Another Day in 2002.

It is Aston Martin Vanquish who is now accompanying the 007 agent in fighting crime. In the film, Aston Martin releases the most bizarre device ever in a James Bond car.

Yes, the device allows the car to disappear, and the Aston Martin Vanquish is also equipped with complete weaponry such as torpedoes, ejector seats and radars that can detect enemy presence.

5. Toyota 2000GT
Toyota 2000GTToyota 2000 GT, entered in the legend of the James Bond car. Where the first Japanese supercar had graced the movie You Only Live Twice in 1967.

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The film tells that the iconic car from Sakura Country belongs to a Japanese government agent, named Aki. But this car plays an important role in the film.

A little review about the Toyota 2000GT, this car is actually produced in a kupe design. But for film needs, this car has to be a little customizable.

Given the figure of James Bond at that time played by Sean Connery who had a tall body. While the Toyota sports car had small dimensions, the manufacturers ended up making a few adjustments.

After appearing in the film, sales of the Toyota 2000GT have increased significantly globally.

6. Ford Mustang Mach 1
Ford Mustang Mach 1The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is included in the ranks of the legendary James Bond car which is quite popular. This car was used by Sean Connery in the film Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

At that time, the agent 007 was driving this car with Tiffany Case in Las Vegas and was involved in a tense scene with police chasing them.

7. Jaguar XKR
Jaguar XKRJaguar is a British car manufacturer that usually produces luxury and classy cars. One of their products, the Jaguar XKR, is one of the legendary James Bond cars that have entered film history.

The car adorned the James Bond film Die Another Day, which was played by Pierce Brosnan. The Jaguar XKR is used by Bond to chase the criminals.

The luxury sedan is not a standard version when used by the agent. Because it has received a touch of modification that is supported by a number of combat equipment such as firearms in the back, mortar bullets and nail mines.

Now do you know about the legendary James Bond car lineup? Hopefully the information can awaken your memories of films that were quite popular in the past.