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7 Ways to Promote Your Product Online Properly and Correctly

Online business is a promising thing in recent years. Since the rise of the use of android smartphones, consumption of the internet will increase every year.

In addition, the increasing number of smartphone users who are always online causes business people to turn their heads how to make their products that are usually sold offline become more salable online. And online business strategies like this are very promising.

As a result of this, many online businesses have emerged and are mushrooming on the internet. Examples such as online stores, marketplaces, buying and selling services, and much more. But of the many businesses, only a few have names and become big.

Success or failure of the business tends to depend on how to promote it. Well, therefore here I will explain several ways of promotion, especially online promotion that is right and right on target.

How to Promote Products Online
1. Start Introducing Products To People Around
If you are a nobody (artist, public figure) or someone who doesn’t have a name, the best way to promote in the early stages is to introduce products to people around you, for example friends, friends, family, and neighbors.

By introducing products to the people closest to us, the opportunity to get more customers can be even greater. This is because the people closest to you will also promote your goods to other friends, especially if your product has good quality.

2. Distributing Brochures
After introducing your own product, then you can try a better way by making flyers and distributing them. To spread it, adjust the type of product to your promotional target. For example, if the product being sold is school equipment, the target is students.

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You can invite the people closest to you to do product promotions, because they already know about the product. And don’t forget you also have to explain in detail about your product so someone understands and wants to consume / use it.

3. Promotion through Social Media
Furthermore, take advantage of social media, you can promote through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media to attract the interests of other customers. Especially for Facebook, you can promote through groups that have many members, and it would be nice for you to use the Facebook Ads feature.

4. Promote Through Online Classifieds
On the internet, there are many classified ad sites that you can use for free to promote your products. The opportunity to get buyers and customers here is huge because not only someone from your area, even someone from outside your area also has the opportunity to know your product.

5. Make use of Website / Blog & Youtube Channel
A big advantage for those of you who have a personal website or youtube channel, especially if the website and youtube channel already has a fairly high visitor. Lots of sites out there that use this method of promoting products online to promote their products.

And of course they succeed by this free online promotion, because their website is already large and well-known. Especially for Facebook, maybe you should make a separate video to explain the advantages of your product so that someone is interested in buying it.

6. Using Advertiser’s Media, Examples of Google Adwords (Optional)
Well, for this point it actually depends on your budget. Because advertising in advertiser media such as Google Adwords requires a large amount of funds, and even so your product may not be in demand by many people. But if you know how, it will be very easy for you to do it.

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7. Hold a Giveaway
Already know the giveaway event that usually exists in various events or seminars? This event giveaway is actually done as a promotional medium so that someone is more interested in buying and using the product to get the prize.

For example, so Product A becomes more well-known, the product owner holds a mobile giveaway and broadcasts it online on YouTube. You are definitely interested directly because you have the opportunity to get a free mobile phone, but there is a condition that must be given.

These conditions for example Like Fanspage, Like Twitter, Follow Instagram, Like Video Facebook, Until Required to Buy a Product in order to follow the giveaway. And indirectly the owner of the product is also happy because the opportunity for the famous product is getting bigger.

In addition to the 7 ways of product promotion above, there are many more effective online promotion methods that you can do to promote your product. Make careful preparations before promotion so that the promotion process becomes easier and more effective.

Hopefully this article is useful for you online business people, and hopefully it can be a useful reference.