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9 Most Mysterious Tourist Attractions in Asia

Most people often look for places to visit with beautiful scenery in the world, but it is very cliché. In exchange, we will share information with you about some of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Asia. Places that are not only visually stunning, but will also make you feel amazed or scared or maybe even both. Some of these places are filled with legends and myths, and others are attached to mysteries that are difficult to explain, even with artificial explanations.

1. Mustang Cave, Nepal
Mustang Cave, NepalThe Mustang cave complex in Nepal is shrouded in eternal mystery. They are located in a remote area in the Himalayas, with a very different view from other places in Nepal. There are more than 10,000 caves on a rock hill, all of which have vertical access. How are they made? What are they made for? Some people think it is a burial place, while others believe it is used as a place to live, but no one really knows.

2. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, MyanmarKyaiktiyo Pagoda is a Buddhist relic site in Burma which is famous for being mysteriously full. Essentially a large golden stone that rests equally on the edge of a cliff. He seems to defy the law of gravity. It is unclear how this happened and how the stone was there and why it remained in its place without moving, but legend has it that the stone is balanced with a strand of Buddha’s hair.

3. Wat Rong Khun, Thailand
Wat Rong Khun, ThailandThis is one of the most odd temples you will find in Thailand. This temple was designed by Charlemchai Kositpipat, a Thai visual artist. Basically it is a work of art, but it is very unique and mysterious that can make you scared. The temple is completely white, but full of strange sculptures, murals of Hollywood celebrities, hands reaching from the floor, skulls hanging in unique parts and skeletal features in all parts. This place is pretty scary.

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4. Mount Tianmen, China
Mount Tianmen, ChinaThis mystical mountain certainly has an attractive view to the eye and is very mysterious. There is a dangerous winding road, with 99 bends to symbolize 9 places in heaven and 1,000 steps that you must climb to explore a cave that is believed to be the Gate of Heaven. Local people believe this place is truly mystical.

5. Masuda-No-Iwafume, Japan
Masuda-No-Iwafume, JapanThere is a very mysterious stone structure in a forest in Asuka, Japan. The reason for its existence is also unknown. It does not look like a natural rock formation and is clearly visible if it is man-made. It is a carved hill with two holes in the middle, which extends to the ground. No one knows the usefulness of this ancient structure and it is also unclear how it was formed, because ancient tools would not be able to do this.

6. Fengdu Ghost Town, China
Fengdu Ghost Town, ChinaIf you want a truly mysterious tourist destination to visit, this ghost town might be the best choice. It is a city thought to have been built at some time during the Han Dynasty. Consists of a series of altars, monasteries and temples dedicated to the world of the dead. It is also intended as a gateway to the world of the dead. There are three tests you must pass before entering the city: Bridge of Powerlessness, Hallway of Ghost Torture and the Last Stare at the Tower of Houses. If you pass these tests, you will be allowed to enter the world of death.

7. Plain of Urn, Laos
Plain of Urn, LaosThis is the fact, there is an area in Laos where there are more than 2000 stone jars left just like that in an open field. They just exist, nobody knows how or why they are there, but they have been around for a long time. Some people make the theory that if it is an ancient burial place, others think its function is only as a place for making rice wine. But the real reason remains a mystery. This area was even bombarded with bombs during World War II, but most of the urn is still safe.

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8. Yonaguni Ruins, Japan
Yonaguni Ruins, JapanIf you are fond of Atlantis-themed stories, the Yonaguni Ruins are something that is sure to interest you. Discovered in 1995 and originally thought to be a natural underwater rock formation. But lately revealed the fact that they are actually the ruins of an ancient civilization. The pyramids were made by humans, once a city. But why is it under water or how and since when has it been in that state? And that remains a mystery.

9. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India
Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, IndiaThere is a mysterious road in India. When you visit it, it looks like a hill and all the cars move up. But when you actually get there and ride the car, you will move down the hill. At one time, it was believed that it was actually the way to heaven, but in reality this place was only an area with a magnetic field that made it like or one of the real optical illusions.