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9 Most Mysterious Tourist Attractions in Asia

Most people often look for places to visit with beautiful scenery in the world, but it is very cliché. In exchange, we will share information with you about some of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Asia. Places that are not only visually stunning, but will also make you feel amazed or scared or maybe even both. Some of these places are filled with legends and myths, and others are attached to mysteries that are difficult to explain, even with artificial explanations.

1. Mustang Cave, Nepal
Mustang Cave, NepalThe Mustang cave complex in Nepal is shrouded in eternal mystery. They are located in a remote area in the Himalayas, with a very different view from other places in Nepal. There are more than 10,000 caves on a rock hill, all of which have vertical access. How are they made? What are they made for? Some people think it is a burial place, while others believe it is used as a place to live, but no one really knows.

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