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9 Ways to Start a Property Business from Zero Without Capital

Property business does not always have to be with large capital, even this business can be done without capital. The most important capital to start a property business is speaking skills. Everyone is certainly equipped with the ability to speak from birth, of course this is not a big problem for those of you who want to start a property business. Below is a summary of 9 ways to start a property business from scratch without capital that you might try.

1. Starting from Zero
When you jump straight from scratch, you actually have more skills than other entrepreneurs who carry on a business from the middle level. You will learn how to deal with every failure and of course when you are successful, the feeling of satisfaction is unmatched. So anyone who says that starting from scratch is difficult, you have to prove to them that it’s not always like that.

2. Diligently Seeing Ads
Diligently Seeing AdsCurrently, there are many media that contain property advertisements. The sources also vary, it can be from the internet, newspapers and billboards on the road. You can also market the property that is being sold to relatives or people in need. When pricing, set the price a little higher so that if it sells you make a profit.

3. Starting with your environment
Surrounding you, there are many people who want to buy a house or sell it, you can observe and join in when there is talk about this. Ask for more details about what kind of house to look for and where it is located. When you are just starting a business, you can learn how to run this business. After all, there is no agreement if you have to find a house until you get it. So this business is nothing to lose. But you also have to be diligent and focus on finding properties so that the results are not in vain.

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4. Looking for potential sellers
Looking for potential sellersWhen you have discussed with potential buyers, your next task is to find potential sellers. To find properties for sale, first of all, you must be diligent in visiting residential locations and property exhibitions that are being held in your immediate area. Location really determines price and interest, dig up as much information as possible so that potential buyers have a satisfactory picture of the existing home choices.

5. Offer Cooperation
Offer CooperationOnce you’ve found a seller, start offering partnerships. It is better to write this collaboration on paper so that it is clearer and does not harm any party. Also ask for the details of the house being sold, such as area, floor, price, surrounding conditions, and the desired payment method and the commission you will get if you are successful in selling the house.

After you enter into a partnership, your job is to find the right buyer. This is where your marketing skills come in. You have to understand how to convince potential buyers. You also need to know, don’t overestimate the facts about the state of the property because that means you are not being honest in doing business. If they are caught lying, they will likely stop using your services.

In terms of price, don’t raise prices too high because potential buyers will run away. The sellers usually have provided the commission terms that you will get if you are successful in selling their house. Therefore, the written agreement must be regarding the commission percentage given instead of increasing the already exorbitant house price.

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6. Creating a Website for Promotion
Currently, the promotion technique with zero marketing is to use online media. You can share information via Facebook or Twitter. Another way is to create a free website at blogger.com or wordpress.com. This website can later bring together buyers and sellers. But all contacts must go through you. So, do not provide contact information for buyers or sellers on the website. Online marketing will expand your network so that buyers from outside the island can see the properties you offer. Make sure you put up a complete photo of the actual house.

7. Create a Business Brand
Create a Business BrandWhen business starts to run smoothly, you can brand your own business to make it more professional. Look for a name that is easy to remember and make sure you have legally registered the name so that nothing untoward happens. Prospective buyers and sellers will have more confidence in a service that already has a name and has proven to be useful to them. At this stage, registering a business mark does cost money. If your budget is limited, you can borrow in advance from family relatives or the bank and commit to returning it on time.

8. Set aside profits
Every time you get profit from commissions, make sure you set aside some of that income to save and enlarge your business later. Can also set aside some more for charity. By sharing your fortune, your sustenance will be facilitated by God.

9. Looking for Employees
Looking for EmployeesWhen the business gets bigger, you may not be forever looking for potential buyers and sellers alone. You need help from other people or maybe even a colleague to work with to grow the business. At this stage, you have a lot of experience because you have been in the property business from scratch. This is the right time to expand your business and minimize the possibility of failure. If the capital has been collected, there is nothing wrong with finding staff who can take care of all administrative needs and market the properties that are included in your listing.

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Achieve Success with the Property Business
Those are the important points in how to start a property business from scratch without capital. Some of the above methods can be done without using large costs. Keep in mind, the location of true success is the journey to success. Instant success will not last long. But success that begins with failure will shape your character as a business person so you don’t give up easily. Hopefully these tips are useful for those of you who are starting a property business.