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About Us

Safelink12345 is a personal site that we use to convert or create encrypted links for all existing links from a site or other blog that uses our script. We do this so that all these links are safe from tracking search engine spiders, by converting them to base64. Then, if a visitor clicks on the link, that visitor must pass through a page of our site before getting the original link destination.

SafeLink12345 is able to hide original links on certain sites. The original url which is secured by the site SafeLink12345 will be hidden / encrypted. And visitors will get the main destination link after passing through the SafeLink12345 page.

SafeLink12345 is a site created to secure links. The link is secured, so that it is not easy to die or is not easily removed by irresponsible people. For example this applies to various link safety sites that exist on various download sites. Thus, the download file links are hosted on certain sites, such as RapidGator, Uptobox, Uploaded, Filefactory, Google Drive, and others. It will last longer, it will not expire quickly because it is a little difficult for the search engine spiders to track it.