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Beautiful and Comfortable Minimalist Home Design Tips

With increasingly limited land making homes today are increasingly small in size, and is usually often referred to as a minimalist home. Minimalist homes are increasingly in demand by the community because of their modern and more simple models. However, this does not mean that this small-sized house is uncomfortable to live in. Especially if you know the tricks and tips for building a minimalist style house, of course, makes it easy for you to get a minimalist residence with a more attractive appearance and comfortable to live in.

As for some things that need to be dealt with so that your little house feels more spacious, comfortable and also modern, here are some tips you should do:

1. Avoid Excessive Room Partition
Creating a partition or divider of the room certainly must be carefully thought out when you want to carry the minimalist home concept in your home. The thing to remember is, if excessive room divider is placed it actually makes the house look more narrow. In order to get around this, some rooms can be used as one room without a wall divider, instead you can use furniture at home as a barrier.

2. Maximizing the Existing Room

Beautiful Minimalist Home Decorating Design
Beautiful Minimalist Home Decorating Design

Do not make your house look narrow by putting all the furniture that is not really needed. The thing that must also be considered is not to put too much furniture in the house. You can work around this by using a wall shelf as a storage place for books, rather than a desk, or using a TV rack at home that clings to the wall compared to the old TV set that takes up space in your home.

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3. The Right Use of Color
Painting a room with a lighter color or white color can give a spacious and spacious impression. It’s best to avoid wearing too much color. The color combination of wood accents, light gray, and white is indeed currently a trend. The design of a house that is combined with bright and simple colors might be tried if you want to renovate one of the rooms in the house or if you are buying the latest housing.

4. Choose Unique Furniture
Currently there are many unique furniture choices for minimalist homes, both in terms of color and design. A modern minimalist style house must also apply the concept of furniture that is simple but still unique. Like the touch of the display with unique and interesting images that give a different impression. In addition, you can also pay attention to the model of the flower vase to beautify the room in the house. So, even though it feels minimalist, you won’t feel bored.

5. Using a Mirror
With the bigger mirror used, of course the better. This is because the mirror is reflective so it can help display optical illusions so as to make the interior design of a minimalist home seem to get bigger. This is certainly very beneficial for a minimalist home, because as if it could add a new room in the house.

6. Good Air Circulation and Lighting System
If your residence faces the sunrise, that is very good because you can get the benefits of sunlight in the morning. Besides being good for health, it can also reduce the level of humidity in the room. Using a wide-sized window you can use so you can get optimal benefits. In addition, the use of lighting in the house must also be sought so that it is not too bleak. Apply sufficient lighting, so the punt room feels more free.

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It is also important to pay attention to air circulation so that it functions optimally to prevent stuffy in the house. By maximizing the use of air ventilation, here you can also save on the use of air conditioners.

7. The House is Always Clean
As explained above, avoid using furniture that is less important in your home. If it is too piling up, it can create a complicated impression, making the residents feel bored and even stressed. You should pay attention to the placement of furniture with a concept that makes it look simple. Create conditions to make it easier for you to clean your house. With the condition of a neat and clean house, of course, makes the feeling even more happy, and can prevent stress.

Minimalist Home Interior Design
Minimalist Home Interior Design

In addition, you can put cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, soap, brooms, mops, and so on in a special cabinet for cleaning equipment so that the room remains well organized and neat.

8. Apply Objects to Distractions
Large paintings with attractive drawing objects can be the main concern of guests when visiting the house for the first time. Besides making the house look more attractive, this can also distract visitors or guests from the narrow condition of the house. However, you also have to remember not to use the large furniture that is placed on the floor, because it can take up more space.

9. Designing a Minimalist Ladder Possibly
If you have a simple minimalist style house there are stairs, then make it as minimal and lean as possible. This is certainly very useful in order to save space in the house. In addition, it is also advisable to place the stairs at the end of the house so as not to disturb the view while not taking up space in the main room.

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Not only that, you can also design stairs through various directions and do not have to always be straight. This can be done to minimize and save space, because a straight staircase model actually consumes more space, whether it’s on the lower floor or above. You can try the shape of a circular staircase or form the letter L as the most appropriate choice.