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Benefits and Importance of Yoga for Physical Health

Lifestyle can be modern, but it should be noted that not all modern lifestyles bring a sense of happiness, especially if you only focus on the material and put the health of the body and mind first. Eventually it will trap you in a stressful life in the pressure of an increasingly dynamic modern lifestyle.

There are many things you can do to avoid this, such as implementing a healthy diet, exercising, being good at managing time and priority scale, to cleverly delegating tasks and authority. Especially for sports, yoga is an alternative that can help you to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Yoga itself comes from the country of India. Where yoga is not just a sport, but it is a science of life that covers almost all aspects of life, be it moral, ethical, philosophical, health, physical fitness, psychology, spiritual (spiritual), social, cultural and so forth.

Yoga FitnessIt should be noted at the beginning, Yoga is not a particular religious teaching, although many research results say that yoga grows and develops from the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism.

So Yoga can be done by anyone. Even in the prayer movement in Islam, many yoga movements resemble eleven twelve as in the yoga movement, such as the takbiratul ihram, bowing, itidal, prostration, sitting between prostrations, and greetings.

Where each movement has its respective benefits for the health of the body and mind so that the body can be more relaxed.

In addition, yoga is universal in nature not limited by age, gender, religion, physical, social, cultural or country conditions, and is certainly very flexible to be applied to modern lifestyles that are very dynamic and activity-intensive to maintain health and fitness, and calm and avoid the mind from feeling stressed.

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Yoga is also the oldest self-development science from India that can be used as inspiration and guidelines for living in everyday life.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which has several meanings, such as unity (union), connect (connect), and concentration. So that when fully defined, yoga can unite the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, every yoga movement requires balanced emotions, actions and intelligence so that these three factors can be united.

To do yoga does not require special equipment or special clothes. Capital is only a strong will, hard work, discipline and sincerity.

Yoga FitnessMany reasons for people to learn yoga and practice yoga. Starting from for health purposes or to cure an illness such as asthma, back pain, high blood pressure or other diseases.

Yoga exercises can also help people to lose weight so that their bodies can become slimmer or ideal. To find peace of mind, yoga can also be an alternative to achieving these goals. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to do yoga just to try or follow it.

Whatever the reason, after practicing yoga the body will usually become healthier and fitter, the mind will be calmer and more focused so that it can control stress more effectively.

In addition, the routine of practicing yoga can help you control yourself in everyday relationships, so that you become more patient and think more clearly in finding solutions when facing problems in relationships or problems yourself.

Yoga also makes one more respectful of relationships with other people, living things and the natural surroundings. Besides that someone who routinely practices yoga regularly every day will experience a process of self-transformation and feel the process of spiritual awakening, such as being selfless, unattached, happier, wiser in acting and not easy to judge someone, and certainly more tolerant towards other people.

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