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Biography of Abon Tanoh Mirah, Aceh’s Great Ulama Expert in Ushul Fiqh

Aceh’s great Ushul Fiqh Expert Tgk. H. Abdullah Hanafie or commonly called Abon Tanoh Mirah is a great Acehnese cleric. He is a student of Abuya Muda Waly who is an expert in the field of Ushul Fiqh. Every student educated by Abuya Muda Waly achieves blessings and success in all fields of Islamic science

However, all of Abuya’s students have their own specialties such as Abon Aziz Samalanga as an expert on mantiq so that Abuya was given the title by Abuya with al-Mantiqi, Abu Keumala an expert in monotheism, Abon Tanoh Mirah an expert in Ushul Fiqh, Abu Tumin an expert in monotheism, and many Abuya students another.

If you recite the Qur’an with Abuya Muda Waly, after Abuya reads and explains the book of Tuhfah al-Muhtaj in Fiqh in Tahqiq and Tadqiq, it is obligatory for every student to debate/discuss with Abuya Muda Waly.

But not a coachman’s debate, arguing with Abuya must apply all knowledge such as nahwu, sharaf, mantiq, ushul fiqh, qaidah fiqh, interpretation, hadith, and others to establish the truth, not to bring down the opponent.

One day, when Abon Tanoh Mirah was arguing with Abuya Muda Waly, he asked for permission to leave the recitation room for a while.

After outside the recitation room, Abon Tanoh Mirah smoked a cigarette, indeed in the recitation room no one dared to smoke because Abuya himself did not smoke and was not a smoker.

Abuya Muda Waly knew that his student Abon Tanoh Mirah asked permission to leave the room when he was arguing about smoking.

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But Abuya Muda Waly left it alone. After being satisfied with smoking cigarettes, then Abon Tanoh Mirah entered again to continue the debate with Abuya Muda Waly.

Well, maybe Abon went out for a while to smoke so that his bright mind in understanding the book, didn’t get stuck in thinking. So while smoking outside the room, Abon Tanoh Mirah’s mind was spinning rapidly to prepare provisions for discussion.

According to Abon Tanoh Mirah, the smoking law is Tafshil:
1. It is permissible if because of smoking the mind is fresh again.
2. Makruh if you have never smoked suddenly smoke.
3. Haram if smoking causes drunkenness or illness.

This story is not meant to compare or challenge the scholars who have forbidden smoking muthlaq.

Anyone who wants to join the Ulama who forbid smoking is muthlaq please, those who want to join the Ulama who are mentafshil the smoking law are also welcome. All back to their individual.

Some of the names of Dayah Tanoh Mirah alumni who have become famous scholars in Aceh.

Tgk. Haji Abdullah Hanafi or better known as Abon Tanoh Mirah is one of the famous dayah scholars in Aceh. After completing his education at Dayah Darussalam Labuhan Haji, Abon Tanoh Mirah founded a Dayah/Islamic Boarding School in his hometown which was named Dayah Darul Ulum.

This Dayah was founded in 1957, precisely in Tanoh Mirah Village, Peusangan District, Bireuen Regency, Aceh.

His famous Islamic boarding school reached Malaysia and the provinces in Indonesia. He died in 1989 at the age of 63 years.

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In its heyday, Dayah Darul Ulum was once very famous to Malaysia and other provinces in Indonesia. Many students from outside the area study here and after successfully building pesantren in their respective areas.

Abon Tanoh Mirah died in 1989 at the age of 63 and left behind eight children. He is an Acehnese cleric who is very firm in holding the Qur’an and hadith by following the understanding of the Shafi’i School in the field of fiqh and following the al-Asy’ari School in the field of aqidah.

The leadership of the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School was continued by his children, especially his second son who was also given the same name as his teacher, Muhammad Waly Al Khalidy who was also called Tgk. Mudawali.

Until now, the dayah still has students from inside and outside Aceh who come from all over the region and study religious knowledge and many have succeeded and built their dayah in their respective regions.

Among the many students who previously stayed and studied at the Darul Ulum Tanoh Mirah Dayah (alumni) in that dayah, it might be necessary to know who and which person. They have now opened their days in Aceh and as amilin and pious ulemas who take part in Aceh and outside Aceh.

The following is a list of some of the names of the famous alumni of Tanoh Mirah alumni;

Abon Arongan
Abu Ulee Titi
Abu Keunire
Abaty Simpang Ulim
Abu Takengon
Abaty Babah Buloh
Abu Tanjong Bungong
Waled Alubue Perlak
Abon Putoh Panton
Abu Keude Dua Idi
Abi Peudawa
Waled Tanoh Mirah
Abuya Ruslan South Aceh
Abaty Buloh Blang Ara
Abon Awe Geutah
Abuya Padang
Waled Matang Coolie (Tgk. H. Sirajuddin Hanafi)
Waled Bayu (Tgk. H. Muhammad Yusuf Ilyas)
Abah Alue Awee
Waled Peurupok (Tgk. H. Mustafa)
Abaty Lhok Mon Puteh
Abon Nisam
Abah Baktiya
Tgk Abon
And others.

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This is the list of a number of scholars. Sorry if there are mistakes in the preparation of names and photo lists, in fact there are many more among them who have not been mentioned one by one.