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Creative Inspiration Tips to Make Room Wall Decoration

Private space is one of the places that is often a gathering place. Besides functioning as a resting place, the room is also a place where the owner does many activities, such as doing work, and sometimes makes a meeting place with friends.

Room Wall DecorationBecause its function is very important, it is also very important to arrange the room with wall hangings to attract attention. In addition, the room is also a place where the owner can be creative in the placement of his room decor. Believe it or not, we can see the owner’s personality from the decoration.

Tips for Choosing Room Wall Decoration
Consider the amount of free space
According to the Times of India, the most important aspect for bedroom wall decoration with artwork is to consider the amount of free space on our walls. Indeed, the most ideal place to place a painting is the living room, but it is not prohibited if you want to place it in the bedroom. Choose paintings based on the rooms available on the wall. Do not place a large table that can fill the wall, but do not choose a table that is too small.

Do not assume that placing wall hangings means it must be expensive. Maybe we consider exhibiting paintings by great artists at very high prices. But art does not always have to be associated with high prices, we can also choose something cheaper, but we can still create a unique impression of the work. It is not necessary that always original paintings, we can put the paintings of our favorite artists in printed form.

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Adjust the layout of the house
Personalize your chosen art object with a spatial theme. If you wear ethnic decorations with sculptures and traditional carpet patterns, also choose decorations with a similar theme. Paintings such as Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are certainly not the right choice when it comes to ethnic-style bedrooms. Although abstract paintings, it would be more appropriate to be placed in a retro-minimalist style room.

Ask for interior design services
Room Wall DecorationIf necessary, ask the interior designer to give advice. We can talk to them about the style of decorating the room we need to help them provide advice as needed. They can also help you choose artwork and arrange it both in the room and in the room.

Do not rush
Don’t choose too fast. Spend more time looking at photo galleries whether on online videos like Youtube or on websites. One important thing is to choose wisely, not because of hungry eyes.

Choose a quality framework
Paintings or prints are generally cheaper than original paintings. So, there are no mistakes if you spend more on a good quality framework. We can choose multilayer wood paint frames that are suitable for homes. We can also choose unique detail frames such as ethnic sculptures or mirror fragments.

Now, after reading some of the tips above, of course we are no longer confused by the choice of decoration that is in harmony with our bedroom or room. To help you, we give ideas to find creative wall hangings below:

Bedroom Wall Decoration
If the bedroom is full of paintings or artwork and arranged in the most attractive way, surely the owner is an art lover. If the room you see is well-organized, simple, you can be sure that the owner is an organized person and a clean lover.

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Bedroom Wall DecorationAnd, if it turns out our bedroom looks messy and irregular, then we can be sure that we are dirty and lazy people who don’t like cleanliness.

Imagine if your friend, for example, came to your room one day and found your room cluttered with books scattered everywhere, dirty clothes piled on the bed and floor. Maybe after that they will be lazy to visit your home. Before that happens, it’s good to start now: arrange the room with wall hangings as attractive and fragile as possible.

To get there, in addition to maintaining cleanliness and neatness, it helps us arrange our room as attractive as possible. For this we can do a variety of ways, one of which is to decorate walls for both rooms and other rooms. In addition to the bedroom you can also attach decorations in the bathroom to make it look beautiful too.

Even more fun, there are many shops that sell wall hangings that can make room decor be very attractive. However, in addition to the design with the decoration itself, there are many things we must pay attention to, so that the decorations we choose function properly. Here’s how to choose decorations to make the room or bedroom more attractive.

1. Origami Paper Decoration
Origami Paper DecorationThere are many models of wall decorations made from origami paper. There are origami in the form of animals, birds, butterflies, fish, flowers and various forms of origami crafts that are very beautiful and easy to make.

This origami is increasingly famous and is one of the most popular children’s handicrafts. Besides being produced, this origami will be very beautiful if used as decoration for all walls of a room, house, bedroom or living room.

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The color of origami paper that adorns the walls for example class will further enhance the atmosphere of learning and teaching. The children are cheerful with a class filled with colorful paper decorations with various forms of origami.

With a minimalist style of wall hangings from simple materials such as origami paper that is made very easily, can beautify the atmosphere.Wooden Wall Decoration

2. Wooden Wall Decoration
Wooden wall decoration is one of the important elements of your home design. Indeed, furniture is one of the important elements that you must have when you own a home. Buy your wood decoration or equipment at your trusted store.

3. Living Room Wall Decoration
Minimalist living room wall decoration is one of the most important at home. Choosing the right decoration will make your living room more beautiful and great for creating as an owner, not only does efficiency and functional aspects count, but we also have to consider aesthetics and comfort. If you want to get the most out of the living room wall hangings, you need to design and take proper consideration.