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Earn Money from ExoClick, the best Adult Ad Network

ExoClick is an ad network with a CPM (Cost Per Million) system. ExoClick was founded by Benjamin Fonzé in December 2006. As a successful webmaster’s first goal is to develop a platform that will be better for all money web traffic and the format of the ad spots. To do so he started with a blank page and created a bit of what was to come. An open advertising network serving technology to provide efficient solutions for every Advertiser and Publisher around the world.

ExoClick Ad NetworkExoClick is an online ad network that provides immediate solutions for advertisers and publishers around the world. ExoClick was founded in 2006 and is now one of the largest ad networks in the world. Through its proprietary ad serving technology (EXADS) and its Media Buying Expert Team, ExoClick manages over 1.7 billion advertisements per day.

Website requirements for approval as a publisher on ExoClick:
There are no definite rules for admission to ExoClick. They will review the site before it is used as a publisher. If your first payment is generated, this means that your account is approved. Any description will be automatically recorded and shown to the appropriate authority. ExoClick does not approve:

  1. Websites that participate in or post inappropriate newsgroups or unsolicited e-mail (spam).
  2. Websites promoting all kinds of illegal substances or activities (ie, building a bomb, hacking, “phreaking”, etc.)
  3. Websites with illegal, fake or deceptive investment advice.
  4. Websites that provide incentives of any kind to request or encourage users to click on advertising banners (i.e., charities, sweepstakes, etc.).
  5. Website under construction or incomplete.
  6. Websites with very limited audience or audience (less than 50 unique visitors per day).
  7. Websites that contain content that violates Spanish privacy laws.
  8. Websites that are generated through free blogging or free forum platforms.
  9. Websites with more than 6 ads per page, sites with more than 2 pop-ups and / or pop-unders, sites with more than 1 pop-up exit (all ad networks or affiliate programs together).
  10. Website presentation of no added value for users.
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Payment Terms:

  1. Payments are made every week / month
  2. Minimum payout is $ 20 USD
  3. Payment will be made via Paxum, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Paypal
  4. Payments will be sent automatically every week / month when the balance is sufficient

Proof of payment from ExoClick:

Proof of payment from ExoClick

How to register on ExoClick:

  1. Just go to ExoClick Sign up
  2. Enter your personal data
  3. Wait for your membership to be approved.
  4. You are ready to place ads on your site.
  5. Select the Ad Category except Adult because surely your blog will be banned by Google.