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Get to know Google Adsense CTR and How to Increase it

In the business world of AdS Online based on PPC (Pay Per Click) in the class of Google AdSense, CTR (Click Through Rate) is one of the most important things that can be a parameter to measure the success rate of an ad, because if the value is high then most likely the ad enthusiasts are not a little.

CTR value is the percentage of clicks earned from the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. Example: if your ad receives 5 clicks out of 1,000 ad impressions, then the ad’s CTR is 0.5 percent.

What is the Effect of CTR on Earnings?
How to Increase CTR?Judging from the calculation formula, the higher the CTR value is likely to be the greater the potential revenue, with a note that if the CPC (Cost Per Click) of the ad clicked is high, it is certain that the revenue will be quite high. However, some practitioners mention the safe value prediction for CTR is up to 10%.

Some AdSense practitioners doubt the CTR value exceeds 10 percent for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it will have an adverse impact on the assessment of Google AdSense which is likely to be considered to manipulate ad clicks. In my own opinion this is not a problem if the CTR is obtained from valid results, so it is legitimate if the CTR exceeds 10%.

How does Google Adsense calculate CTR?
My prediction, Google AdSense knows exactly how long visitors come to the site’s pages and they have a very rational calculation of this CTR. If visitors who come to the site only spend a few seconds but they click on ads, then this is clearly the beginning of a decrease in site credibility.

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Google AdSense is likely to judge click fraud (accidental clicks) which can not produce value that affects the calibration of earnings if there are visitors who come just to click on ads without enjoying the content on the site pages and if this happens continuously then the AdSense account can be banned.

Click fraud will cause a count down on the AdSense earnings dashboard. So do not be surprised if your income balance suddenly decreases in just a few seconds, there’s no mistaking it because there have been accidental clicks / invalid and this is something that is less favorable for the site’s reputation in the eyes of Google AdSense.

Click fraud will not add to the CTR value because what will be counted is clicks obtained in a valid manner based on Google AdSense analysis. Buddy will know the valid CTR value of valid activity on the Google AdSense daily report on each dashboard.

How to Increase CTR?
How to Increase CTR?To get high values ​​on CTR calibration, publishers must be clever to pay attention to a number of things that can increase CTR, of course, in a valid way. Here is a little description of how to produce a high and ideal CTR:

1. Pay Attention to Article Quality and Topics
The quality of the article must be fought for in order to be more high-selling value, but other than that there must be more focused again about the topic of the article. Expand the topic that seems to promote what is advertised by Google AdSense.

For example the article discusses the car, then the ads that appear are car loan ads, then this will attract readers because the ads they see are in accordance with their reading. In other words, if the ads that appear in accordance with the topic of the article, the potential for clicks will be large which will have an impact on the CTR value.

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To get the article topic to fit the ad, then please research on Google Adwords because there are many keywords that are relevant to high-paying ads or many who call it high paying keywords.

2. Note the Position of the Ad Placement
The right ad placement can increase the frequency of viewability by visitors so that it has a great potential to be clicked on. In this case, the size of the ad is also very influential because if the size does not match then it will interfere with the convenience of visitors.

Do not place ads that obstruct site content or navigation because this will make a lot of people disappointed and they immediately leave the site, but it can also trigger a violation of Google AdSense policies related to ad placement.

Keep watching the weekly report on the Google AdSense dashboard, pull out ads that make a small contribution to your income and keep ads that make a large contribution. Ads that make a small contribution to revenue are certainly not clicked by visitors, so there is no harm if the ad is revoked or moved to a position that is considered potentially.

Never try to manipulate Adsense ads, for example by telling other people to click on ads or your own friend who clicks on these ads if you want to advertise AdSense in the long run.

Create content that is consistent with AdSense advertising, to get random ads that have a high click value.

In the opinion of some AdSense practitioners, if the ad that is clicked is an ad that matches the article, the pay per click is likely to be great.

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Visitor involvement, the number of times an ad is shown and the right ad placement will increase the CTR that has an impact on earnings.

The CTR value recorded in the Google AdSense report is a valid value, because invalid CTR values will not be recorded and will not affect earning calibration.