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Henry Ford and the Birth of the First Car Production Industry

When Henry Ford was 13 years old, his father gave him a pocket watch. Instead of taking care of it, Ford took it apart, studied its mechanical performance, then replaced it without damage. Her friends and neighbors were impressed and asked her to fix their watches.

Henry Ford and Model TFord’s curiosity about how a machine works is what drives him to become an innovator in the future.

When he was 16 years old, Ford chose to become a mechanic at a shipbuilding company in Detroit. Although he was born to a farming family on July 39, 1863 in Wayne County, Michigan, United States.

Invention of the First Car
After marrying Clara Ala Bryant in 1888, Ford worked as an engineer at the Detroit Edison Company. His career took off with his natural talent and was promoted to Chief Engineer in 1893. His son, Edsel Ford, was also born that year.

Ford began to think about the concept of creating his first horseless carriage independently in 1892. This he did because of chat with some colleagues about the possibility of transportation faster than horses.

When I asked people what they wanted, they would say, ‘a faster horse’,” he said in a quote.

Ford QuadricycleHis simple car is gasoline powered, has a two-cylinder engine and 4 horsepower. In 1896, the design was completed and it was named the Ford Quadricycle.

According to a biography.com report, Ford briefed Thomas Edison, founder and owner of the Detroit Edison Company, at a dinner party in 1896. Then Edison said to Ford: “Electric cars are the way of the future. You’re on your way there. Continue!.

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The small meeting was enough to motivate Ford to continue his discovery. He left the Edison company and founded his car manufacturing business with money from investors following the development of his third model car in 1899.

After many experiments, then Ford started a car assembly company, the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Failure is just an opportunity to start over; this time smarter,” he said.

Started Mass Car Production
The Model T was the first car Ford Motor Company introduced to the public in 1908, also known as the “Tin Lizzie”. In 1913, Ford began commercial assembly of the Model T and became the industry’s first mass production car of the time.

The Model T was the first car Ford Motor Company introduced to the public in 1908This new technique reduced the amount of time it took to build the car and lowered the price of the Model T from $ 850 in 1908 to $ 310 in 1926, for a much improved model. Nearly half of all cars in America in 1918 were Model T because they were easy to drive and cheap to maintain.

After the success of the Model T, Ford and his son Edsel introduced Model A, which enabled the Ford Motor Company to grow into an industrial giant.Ford Model A 1930

Ford is also renowned for his revolutionary vision of his employees; manufacture of cheap cars made by skilled workers who work 5 days a week and earn a fixed wage, 40 hours a week.

When production was discontinued in 1927, history.com recorded about 15 million Model T made by Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford’s move paved the way for a revolution in the auto industry which is still operating today.

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The only history that is very valuable is the history that we make today,” he concluded.