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Here are 10 Motorbikes with Unique and Eclectic Designs

You are bored with the same motorbike designs, take a look at the 10 unique motorbike designs that I have collected for you. In some countries it seems that people have innovated with various unique cute motorbike designs and what is in trend is environmentally friendly and energy efficient motorbikes.

You are curious what it looks like? Come on, immediately take a look at the unique cute motorcycle designs of this future innovation!

1. Orphiro
OrphiroThis is an electric motor design from a Dutch company, the name is Orphiro. This motorbike was designed by Philippe Starck. The body is very wide and carries a retro concept. With a sufficiently qualified battery, this motorbike can travel a distance of up to 100 km.

2. Johammer
JohammerThis motor is output from the Austrian manufacturer, Johammer. Even though the design looks quite stunning, the capabilities are pretty cool. This motorbike can reach a distance of 150-200 km and is miraculously not as heavy as what we see in the picture. If you want to buy this motorbike, unfortunately you have to go to Austria. The price is 22,900 Euros.

3. Motorcycle from Bamboo
Motorcycle from BambooAn eco-friendly motorbike group in the Philippines makes an electric motorcycle made of bamboo. The project name for this motorbike is The Banatti Green Falcon. Its unique design invites admiration and is certainly environmentally friendly. This unique motorcycle designer is Christopher Paris Lacson.

4. Pocket Rocket
Pocket RocketThis pocket rocket motorcycle is designed and manufactured by Sol Motors located in Stuttgart, Germany. Sol Motors this year received a German Design Award for its Pocket Rocket motorbike design. The designer who contributed to designing this motorbike is named Manuel Messmer. Pocket Rocket itself is famous for its light weight, unique design, and cool performance.

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5. The Commuter
The CommuterErik Buell is already very well known in the world motorbike industry, together with his two partners F-X Terry and Frederic Vasseur, they built a company called VanguardSpark. VanguardSpark is currently making two models of electric motors and one of them is called “The Commuter”. This motorbike can reach a distance of up to 150 Km and is intended for those of you who live in the city. Its bright orange color makes the eye fresh.

CAKE CLAKThe name of this motorbike reminds us of a delicious cake. But unfortunately this motorbike is not edible, but it is quite environmentally friendly, you know. This CAKE is produced by a manufacturer from Sweden. Light weight, sturdy, and based on an electric motor. CAKE is for those of you who like off-road. The body is designed to be scratch resistant and can travel a distance of up to 80 km.

7. Uno
UnoThe next cute unique motorcycle design is named Uno. This motorbike has two wheels just like the others, the unique thing is that the wheels of this motorbike are not in front and behind as in general. The wheels of this Uno motorbike are parallel. If you want to be racer style and make the bike upright, you have to have good body balance. The Uno motorbike was made by Ben J. Poss Gulak and was first exhibited at the National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, Canada.

8. One Wheel Motor
One Wheel MotorIf you are bored with mainstream two-wheeled motorbikes, you need to try a one-wheeled motorbike. This motor is made by Kerry McLean. This motorbike can only be driven by one person and the rider sits inside the wheel. Quite odd.

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9. World’s Largest Motorcycle
World's Largest MotorcycleTired of the small motorbike? This is the biggest motorcycle in the world. The name of this motorbike is Regio Design XXL Chopper. Designed by Favio Reggani and breaking the record for the biggest motorcycle in the world. Guaranteed, all motorbikes will step aside if you use this motorbike.

10. Yamaha Motodroid
Yamaha MotodroidYamaha is also working hard to make electric motors. This is a cheat sheet of a futuristic electric motorbike from Yamaha. Uniquely this motorbike is made using the concept of self-driving, aka you can drive yourself because it involves AI (Artificial Intelligence). Wow, cool!! This motodroid was inspired by anime and made its debut in Tokyo.