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Home Design Concept in the Mountains

Having a house in the mountains can be a dream for many people, apart from being a house to live, usually a house in the mountains can also function as a house to rest, or what we usually call a villa.

Main Construction Characteristics
Main Construction CharacteristicsBuilding a shelter on a steep slope contour, with an average slope of up to 30 degrees to 50 degrees, requires some special techniques. In addition, it is necessary to construct the columns of the main structure that can firmly support the multi-storey house building.

It is advisable to choose a basic design similar to the design of a modern house on stilts to avoid some of the negative impacts of nature, such as land destruction, as well as to avoid cut and fill techniques so that rainwater infiltration can still be maximized by the slopes.

Building Model
You can design housing with a home design that carries a beautiful art deco concept. This architectural principle is known to be more modern and can become a characteristic of buildings. You can attach the arte deco concept application to a building that is dominated by geometric shapes and is clean from elaborate ornaments. You can emphasize this with the arrangement of horizontal lines on the floor per floor, as well as the rows of structural pillars that have a “slimmer” impression.

House Roof and Recreation Room
House Roof and Recreation RoomWide openings are made in every corner of the house so as to maximize light everywhere and beautiful views of the mountains can be seen clearly from inside the house. As well as improving air circulation in the house so that the atmosphere remains clean and fresh.

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The roof of the house is made flat and decorated with vines that reinforce the charming impression of “green.” This is also an attempt to unite the residence with the surrounding green and beautiful nature.

As a residence as well as a place to rest, a house on the slopes of the mountains has a dual function as a comfortable and attractive recreation facility. Some things you can try to maximize this goal, such as building a swimming pool on the lower floor with a unique over-hang construction. Next to the pool deck you can build a staircase to the lower floor that connects it to the garden.

You can design your garden in such a way with a gazebo where you can relax and unwind. Well, happy building!