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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Website

The hosting service will later become a ‘home’ for your website on the internet. Therefore, you need to be extra careful before making a choice. There are many things you need to pay attention to. How to choose the best unlimited web hosting you can get in our review here.

First of all you have to know your needs first. We understand that knowing one’s own needs is sometimes not easy. Our advice, focus on what your priorities are first. To help you, you can make a list of questions below.

  • What platform will you use to create a website?
  • What will your website content look like? (will there be more videos, high-resolution image content, or animated images, etc.)
  • Where will your website visitors come from?
  • How often do you do and need data backup?
  • What additional services do you need? Number of Addon Domains to Email Hosting you can consider.
    Is your 24-hour support, live chat and telephone needed, or is only enough via email?

Remember, this is the step how to choose web hosting for your website. The question points above you can make a basic reference before buying hosting.

If you already know what you need, you can start looking for the best web hosting information in the search engine. This step sounds easy, but the many service recommendations can confuse you. Therefore, we provide a brief review of how to choose the best web hosting for your website.

Choose Best Web Hosting
Choose Best Web Hosting

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Hosting Service?
1. Server Performance Quality
Before making your choice, you need to know the quality of the server for a service. This is the main thing you need to pay attention to. Do not let your success in the online world is hampered only because of websites that are difficult to access, or a myriad of other hosting service technical problems.

There are many parameters that you can see. For example, server location. There is no better server location than the country where your potential customers are. If you want to create a website with potential customers from a country, it would be better if your website server is also in that country.

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In addition, you also need to pay attention to the server specifications located at the data center of your hosting service provider. These specifications include server technology, processor speed (type of processor and how many cores are used), RAM capacity, hard disk (whether using SSD or not), and network speed (the higher the better the speed of access).

You can find specific information on the web hosting service website that you want. If you find difficulties, immediately ask the Customer Support service concerned.

2. 24 Hours and Quality Support Services
We strongly encourage you to use a hosting service that has a quality Customer Support team.

Ideally the Customer Support team of your hosting service should be available 24 hours. This means they are always available whenever you need technical assistance. Not only are they ready, they must also be able to solve your problems well. The level of friendliness and courtesy of the Customer Support officer are the main parameters you need to make attention here. Of course you want to be treated well, right?

Then, also note in what ways you can contact them. A good service certainly provides many ways of communication for you such as help tickets, e-mail, live chat or phone calls.

3. Affordable and Unlimited Prices
When choosing a quality web hosting service, make sure you get the best price. The price you pay is ideally according to the package or service you are using. Do not let, for example, you have to pay too much for similar services at other service provider companies.

You can compare the specifications and types of packages between hosting services and prices. Of course, this comparison should be apple to apple. Higher price levels usually offer better package types and performance.

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An example here is VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS services have a higher price range than unlimited hosting packages. Why? VPS services offer more adequate technical specifications, so the resulting performance can be much better.

On the other hand, there are service providers who charge very cheap prices. Low prices are good, but not always better. Why choose a cheap service but do not have good quality service?

Therefore, we recommend that you really pay attention to the services that you use. Make sure you get an affordable price, but still get the best hosting service.

Almost every hosting service provider has this policy. It’s just that the terms and conditions set can be different. You should choose services with terms and conditions that are not misleading. You should at least know:

  • How much do you get later?
  • What is the refund system?
  • How long will it take until the money is returned to you?

If the information provided is still unclear, you need to ask it through the hosting service provider support team that you are using. If you do not also get clarity, and the fact that this facility tends to lead to fraud, it might be better if you switch to another hosting service.

Remember, this is a guarantee of your satisfaction. The existence of this facility should be able to make you feel safer entrusting your business along with your website data, and instead makes you even more doubtful?

5. Additional Features
Besides the main features, you need to consider additional features provided by your hosting service provider company. There are many features that are usually provided. So many, it could be that you focus less on checking and sorting out what features you should consider.

Best Web HostingYou need to pay attention to additional features related to protection and security. For example, you need the SpamAssassin Protection and SpamExperts features. This feature will later help you deal with spam on your website more easily.

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In addition, it is still a matter of security, you need to install BitNinja Smart Security. This is a tool that you can use to secure your server from botnet, malware or hacker attacks. Without it, your website can be more vulnerable to attack.

You should also consider the availability of other features that you might need on the website. For example, if you want to more easily build a website, you can use the additional features of Website Builder. Or maybe you want to install tools and plugins without hassles? You can use Softaculous Auto Installer, for example.

There are many additional features that can be provided by a hosting service provider company. For more detailed information, of course you can ask it directly to the company’s Support Team.

6. Customer Review
Before deciding what services you want to use, it helps you also consider the opinions of others. In this case, you need to see reviews from other customers.

There are many sources that you can browse, from blogs to forums, to get reviews about a hosting service. Not everything is objective, of course. You need to be a little careful here, because many just want to exploit your curiosity to make personal profit. Our advice, just read reviews from trusted blogs and forums to get a more objective picture.

Strengths and weaknesses are the key. You can listen to the advantages and disadvantages, based on their experience, a hosting service from the point of view of other users. Then, reflect on yourself, how it would be if you experienced something similar. This is an effective way to measure the good or bad of a service based on other people’s reviews.

Hopefully the above review can help you find the best hosting package that suits your needs.