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How to Criteria Quality Blog Content?

Before you start to write an article, it helps you pay attention to a few points on how to build quality blog content. If your content meets all of these standards you are making a good start.

1. Quality Content Easy to Find (Findable)
The content you write will be in vain if no one reads it. Your content must be easy to find in at least two ways:

  • From within your site. If someone is already on your site, they should be able to find your latest and best content.
  • From outside your site. This means through search engines. People who don’t know you or your website should be able to find content through Google search.

The best way to be found by search engines is to match content with relevant keywords. Then content optimization for these keywords.

2. Quality Content Can Be Shared (Shareable)
There are two things that make content shareable:

  • People want to share it. When people find very good content, they want to spread it, at least put it on the Facebook timeline.
  • Content is easy to share. Make it easy for people to share your content.

Here are some basic things about content that can be shared:

  • Start with something really good. Do you want to share it? If you’re shy about telling a friend what you just positng, this means your content isn’t good enough.
  • Allocate time for “framing.” This means headlines, images, and parts that appear on Facebook. The more people who see your headline and feel interested, the more likely they will click and read. This maximizes their potential to share it on their network.
  • Use easy sharing tools. Use what you need to encourage readers to share your cash.
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3. Quality Content Easy to Read (Readable)
Readability is very important for text. Good design and good writing related to it. From a design perspective, readable content means it’s not hard on the eyes, so consider the following factors:

  • Size of writing
  • Text and background colors. For example, red on a black background is not a good idea.
  • Column area. Too broad will make the reader get lost when moving back to the left margin
  • Leading (vertical distance between lines not too close).

4. Good Content Always Remembered (Memorable)
Good content not only entertains you for 2 minutes and then disappears. The content you always remember, makes you come back to visit it, and recommend it to friends or colleagues. You can make the content more memorable by making sure you answer the question, “So what?” Or by creating content that doesn’t just mimic what others have said.

Writing quality and interesting content is not easy, but it will feel easier when you write something that you have a passion for. The interesting thing about content is that it is timeless. You can write something today and 3 years from now what you write is still being seen and shared by people, which brings traffic back to your site.