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How to Increase Website Visitors Quickly

Every Blogger or website owner would really want his website to have many visitors, of course there are many ways that they have done to increase website visitors, but there are still many who are still confused about how to increase website visitors quickly, so SafeLink12345 will share with you tips on how How to Increase Website Visitors Quickly and safely.

For your information, the more visitors that visit your website, the more successful your website will be, because your website income is highly dependent on the number of visitors who see the website and click on the ads that appear. Therefore, your income is very dependent on the number of visitors. Unfortunately, many website owners complain that their web traffic doesn’t increase even though they have posted their website every day.

Improve Website Content
Content is King, that’s how it is used for a blogger, where web visitors / visitors will be very happy to linger on the website if you have good content, useful and informative for visitors. In making good content, you must know how to structure good sentences.
Improve Your WebsiteHowever, a good content for visitors is not necessarily good for search engines, therefore you also have to create content that is easily read by humans and easily read by search engines.

Here are tips for making content that you can apply on your website.

  • An interesting, clear title and lots of volumes of people searching
    The title here is very important, where the selection of the title name will determine the search results of your website in search engines.
  • Choose a Title with a Long Tail Keyword, what is a Long Tail Keyword? Long Tail Keyword is a keyword derived from keywords that you are after. Usually these keywords are longer and more varied, the benefit of the Long Tail Keyword itself is to minimize competition in the Google search engine.
  • Write at least 500 words or more content that will be posted on your website. Search engine algorithms certainly like content that is informative, a complete and structured discussion. Therefore make a good and informative content.
  • Keyword Repetition, repetition of keywords here means you rewrite the keywords that you are focusing on in your post content. Keyword repetition should be no more than 3% of the total number of words in a post. For example, if you want to write an article with 500 words then the maximum keyword that is repeated is 15 times.
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Speed up website speed
Speed up your websiteThe speed of your website is currently highly considered by Google in determining the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) on search engine pages, therefore you MUST increase the speed of your website. If you don’t know yet how to increase website speed, you can see how to increase website speed here The secret of speeding up loading websites and so that your website is mobile friendly, you can read it here how to speed up the website process with AMP

To measure the speed of your website, you can find out at Pingdom Website Speed Test. If the time needed to access your website is fast, you can proceed to tips on how to increase website visitors quickly next. but if you have problems with the speed of the website, but you’ve already applied the method above, then the cause is none other than slow hosting, then quickly move your website to the best hosting provider.

SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimation)
If you think your website has implemented the above method, then the next thing you have to do is optimize its SEO.

SEO optimization here there are 2 ways, namely ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO, what is it? the following explanation.

  • ON PAGE SEO is the methods that we have implemented above, which is optimizing what is on your website.
  • OFF PAGE SEO is a way of optimizing your website but from outside your website. What should you do for Off Page SEO? one of them is making Backlink (Link / link of your website that is planted to another website)
    The function of this Backlink is so that your website is more trusted by Google.
    However, in installing this backlink you must be careful and careful, because it will have an impact on your website’s spam score.
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The impact of SEO optimization is that later your website will increase SERP (search engine page rank) on search engine pages, so it is certain that your website visitors will increase faster.

Social Sharing (Sharing on Social Media)
What is the importance of sharing on social media for your website? for some people, many who use social media to bring website visitors, namely by advertising their website on paid Facebook or Facebook ads. However, the way we recommend is sharing your website on social media to get social signals in search engines. The way you can use is to share your website articles on Facebook fanpage, Twitter, Pinterest. Of the several platforms, the most unique is if you share to Pinterest, because, every time you share your web posts on Pinterest, your web will get a backlink from Pinterest.

Those are some explanations for how to increase website visitors quickly. Hopefully this article is useful and quickly increases your website visitors.