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How to Secure Your Cloud Servers

The rapid development of technology has led to various ways to secure your cloud servers effectively and efficiently. Data storage media has progressed, starting from the system, its shape to the model. There are a variety of storage models from conventional to cloud-based.

Cloud-based online storage media does not require a real physical form. This is because it already uses Cloud Computing technology. You don’t need to bring a flash disk or external hard drive to store all important data. Enough with internet access, you can open or view the data easily.

As an internet-based virtual storage medium, the cloud certainly does not escape the hands of professional hackers. Therefore, it is very important to know how to secure your cloud servers. Cloud storage media including One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox which can be accessed via the internet.

How to Secure the Cloud Through Data Backup
Cloud Through Data BackupThe first way you can do to secure files in the cloud is backup. Backup is the most appropriate way to back up important files. If the original file is lost or damaged, you can use the backup data on other storage media.

Storage services for backups vary greatly, both offline and online. Even though the data is stored in the cloud, you still have to back it up manually. The storage media can use a flash or thumb drive. This is also very useful when there is no internet connection.

The internet has indeed penetrated into various areas of life. However, there are times when the internet connection is poor or there is no signal. Therefore, you must back up your data into manual storage. That way, important files can be accessed at any time as needed.

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Not Storing Sensitive Data or Information
The way to secure your cloud servers is to filter data and information. As an online medium, the cloud is very widespread and used all over the world. Even though you have used a secure Cloud Computing system, you must be careful in storing important files on the internet.

Even though they are separated between regions and countries, internet users can search for the same information and be connected to each other. Therefore, do not store important files that are private or sensitive in the cloud. The goal is to avoid ignorant hands who want to steal important data.

If there is no other media to store this important data, you must encrypt the data before uploading it. Store data securely using complex passwords known only to you. Avoid common passwords, such as birthdays, or so on.

Select a Cloud Service That Provides Data Encryption
Data is a person’s privacy which should be kept safe and confidential. The way to secure your cloud servers is by encrypting data. Use a storage service that provides some local encryption of data. The service aims to provide double protection against files to be uploaded.

After the data is well encrypted, please upload it or download it if needed. This method refers to the provisions of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Military Standard. This security system is also known as zero knowledge proof as an administrator service.

Use a Password with the Two Step Verification Method
Passwords are the main key in data security in the cloud. This line of defense must be strong to prevent the hands of hackers or crackers. Don’t use a password that is easy to guess or use by many people. There are millions of combinations of numbers and letters that can be used.

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Cloud SecurityApart from a unique and strong password, you should also update your password regularly. Don’t use a password that has already been used. You can use the two step verification method if using Dropbox and Google Drive media. This method is highly recommended for ensuring data security in the cloud.

How to secure your cloud servers with a strong password is very important as the main key of defense. Usually complex and difficult passwords are not easily cracked by someone. You should also keep the password safe if it is not easy to memorize.

Using an Anti Virus and Anti Spy System
A secure and trusted cloud service definitely has a weak spot that hackers can source from. To anticipate the unwanted things, you must use an antivirus and antispy system. This system provides security for any data or files in the cloud.

Cloud data security usually depends on your activity when accessing the data. if using a public computer, make sure no one knows your password. Don’t forget to logout properly after accessing cloud servers. If you leave it logged in there is a high risk.

Always being vigilant is the way to secure your cloud servers to do. If the computer frequently connects to open Wifi networks, make sure the data is encrypted. Hackers are always looking for loopholes to gain access to your cloud storage media, so be sure to be vigilant and cautious.

Using Windows Firewall Service
As technology develops, internet services will continue to experience development. As a user, you must be careful in choosing cloud servers. By using this service, it is hoped that it can minimize the occurrence of data theft or hacking that causes loss.

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Apart from using supporting systems or applications, the way to secure your cloud servers is to choose a good and trusted provider. Cloud can help you do various activities, from work, business, education, and so on. This storage also has a larger capacity than manual storage.

Windows Firewall Service is very supportive to provide security in cloud server storage. You can use this service to prevent bad hackers’ hands. Security measures can prevent something unwanted, so data remains safe and secure.

Perform Periodic Updates
The way to secure your cloud servers is to keep them up to date regularly. By being up to date, you can find out whether there is a vulnerability or something. This is very important in preventing hacking or viruses. Apart from the risk of being hacked or cracked, online storage is also not free from virus attacks.

Up to date aims to ensure optimal and stable use. Usually patching is done every three months. However, you can improve it by patching it every month. With this activity, you can monitor cloud servers properly and consistently.

Don’t use windows cloud server to browse other sites. There are lots of websites that contain dangerous viruses, such as malware. The virus can attack cloud servers while browsing. Therefore, you should limit activity on other sites that may be dangerous. As an online storage medium, cloud servers have advantages and disadvantages. To minimize unwanted risks, you must be vigilant and remain wise in utilizing technology. One way to secure your cloud servers is to choose a strong, unique, and complex password.