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Importance of Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an innovation in technology that can be used to facilitate human work. There are lots of cloud-based platforms that are ready to use without the need to prepare infrastructure or have to buy a license first, for example social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. In addition, there are various platforms for business needs such as cloud-based collaboration tools and storage media. Therefore, it is very important for a company to immediately implement cloud technology into its business.

However, one of the things that is a concern in implementing cloud in this business is data security. The cloud implementation process that involves important company data and information into the cloud system itself sometimes causes feelings of worry due to distrust of the cloud service providers. Certainly various questions and doubts arise such as, “Is my company data really safe and handled by the right party?” In the implementation of the cloud itself, it means that a business owner will “hand over” and entrust the storage and protection of data and confidential company information to the cloud service provider. So it is very important to choose a service provider that is truly appropriate and trustworthy.

Security and Privacy in Cloud ComputingIndeed, there must be a sense of worry if one day the cloud provider has security problems, so that it can make privacy a critical issue. Therefore, to choose a cloud service provider that is truly safe and trustworthy, you must go through several prior considerations.

So why is security and privacy in the cloud important?

Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is a storage medium for data and user information in an internet-based storage medium. Cloud storage has the advantage of easy data access anywhere and anytime as long as it is connected to the internet network. Cloud storage makes it very easy for users to store data when compared to traditional data storage which still uses external hard drives. Where, of course, you still have to take it wherever you go if you want to access the data in it.

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One of the other advantages of cloud storage is that it can easily request additional storage from cloud service providers. The price is also more affordable when compared to continuing to buy an external hard drive which of course has a storage limit and device usage age.

Storage media in the cloud (cloud storage) some are free (free to use), and some are paid. Of course, the features of free cloud services are more limited when compared to the paid version. In terms of storage capacity itself, paid cloud storage services can be adjusted according to need. You can use several free platforms that have been provided by various providers as storage media as well as collaboration tools. For example, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. However, it would be better if you use a paid service, because in addition to the amount of storage that can be adjusted as needed, there is also less risk of being corrupted / lost due to data that is too full in limited storage.

The Importance of Security and Privacy in the Cloud
As we know, cloud computing is closely related to privacy and data security. These two things are very important, considering that cloud technology is an internet-based storage medium, of course the risk of hacking and data theft will still exist. On the other hand, the cloud makes work easier, makes it flexible because it can be accessed from anywhere, and the costs are more affordable when compared to traditional storage technology.

Cloud is a service that can be tailored to the needs of each individual / company which is different from one another. This cloud technology also provides an advantage for a business not to think about problems and infrastructure maintenance costs, and to focus on business development.

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Security and Privacy in Cloud ComputingHowever, one of the shortcomings of this cloud is the risk of data theft and other cyber crimes that can be detrimental. Hackers will attack systems that are most likely to store sensitive client data, and the cloud is their primary target. That is the reason why cloud service providers must continue to improve various security measures on their cloud systems. There are many ways that cloud service providers can minimize this risk. Some of them are continuously improving network security, infrastructure, using Firewalls, SSDs, applying some end-to-end security protection and updating anti-viruses, as well as several other protection measures.

From the user side, it can also help support this data security by creating a secure account with a unique password, having a different password for each different account, regularly changing passwords or periodically changing passwords, always logging out when using a shared gadget. , and do not use internet connections from untrusted public areas or networks.

Data Privacy
Data protection is the main thing that must be considered in data privacy. Millions of users have of course used and integrated the cloud in their company. That means that millions of users have also stored their important data in the cloud system. Where this becomes a priority to secure every data and information stored. In cloud storage, data will always be distributed to various storage devices such as servers, PCs / computers, mobile devices / smartphones, and so on. This data transfer process makes data privacy vulnerable. Individual users’ personal information could be at risk of being hacked.

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Data confidentiality can be done through two sides, namely from the provider and the user itself. Always implement account security protocols, such as using two-factor authentication, not saving or giving out passwords to just anyone, and some other security standards.

Data Security
Data storage in cloud computing (cloud computing) has several functions and advantages. Some of them are easy accessibility to various cloud platforms via the internet network. So that it will be easier to do various things at once. In the case of several companies that have used the cloud, the company has several privileges such as being able to consult about cloud services 24/7 to the selected service provider. When the maintenance and management of the system has been handled properly by the cloud provider, the company ‘task’ can be lighter by focusing on business progress and development, as well as executing the company’s business plan strategy.

Judging from its efficient and sustainable use, the cloud has become a very important tool for any growing business. In addition, the cloud can also be used well by individuals and small-scale people in everyday life. Cloud can be accessed easily, effectively, high performance, at an affordable price. So it is understandable if many people have entrusted the security of their data to the cloud system. However, it must be remembered about adding a data security and privacy system so that the risk of data theft can be minimized.

It is important to entrust cloud services to providers that are truly trusted. Of course, the cloud provider IT team is more reliable and professional in handling the security of their systems. The IT professional cloud provider team will ensure the system can run smoothly and without problems for the smooth running of your cloud needs.