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Knowing the Christmas Tree as a typical Christmas decoration

December is synonymous with Christian celebrations, Christmas Day. Christmas Day is celebrated with great fanfare. There are many special decorations for this holiday in almost all public places. One of the most distinctive decorations of the celebration of Christmas Day is the Christmas Tree. The presence of a Christmas tree seems to have never been absent during the celebration of the holidays in December. In fact, this Pine Tree decoration seems to be an icon of Christmas Day celebrations around the world.

Not only that, the Christmas tree is always decorated with various ornaments such as colorful hangers, bells, and socks. At the top of the pine tree, there is also a star decoration as a symbol of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

Christmas TreeHaving a deep meaning in the celebration of Christmas Day, the Christmas tree is always there to decorate the celebration of this Holy Day for Christians. For that, in order to better understand the meaning of the Christmas tree, consider the following explanation.

History of the Christmas Tree
It is common knowledge that when Christmas approaches, Christmas trees will begin to be installed in many public locations. The aim is none other than to participate in celebrating the Christian Day.

However, do you know the history behind the installation of a Christmas tree as a decoration on Christmas Day? To understand how the Christmas Tree was originally installed on Christmas Day, you need to know the story of one of the heroes of church reform, Martin Luther.

One night, Martin Luther was taking a walk while enjoying nature in a forest in Germany. Martin Luther was fascinated by the sight of the many towering Pine Trees decorated with starlight between the branches.

Then, Martin Luther decided to cut down a pine tree that was not too big and brought the tree to his house. Martin Luther put many candlelight ornaments on each of the Pine Tree branches as a way of describing the starlight he saw in the forest earlier. Since then, in Germany, the pine tree is often used as decoration.

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Beginning in the early 16th century, many Germans began to spread abroad. While moving to many of these countries, the German population also introduced the tradition of installing Pine Trees in front of their homes on Christmas Day. That is why the Pine Tree is often used as a decoration on Christmas Day until now.

Apart from the Martin Luther story, the Christmas tree is also said to have originated from the story of an English clergyman named Saint Bonifacius. One day, St. Bonifacius saw an offering procession to Lord Thor in an Oak Tree.

In the process, a group of people appeared to be offering a small child. Not wanting to see the little boy sacrificed, St. Bonifacius tried to bring down the oak tree. The oak tree had fallen and grew into a pine tree which is now synonymous with being used as a Christmas ornament.

Apart from these two stories, the Pine Tree which can withstand all weather, including winter, is considered a symbol of “eternal life”. Therefore, the Pine Tree is often used as decoration in Christmas celebrations around the world.

Interesting Facts About the Christmas Tree
Christmas TreeThe Christmas tree has indeed become a mandatory tradition when celebrating Christmas Day. Throughout the month of December, Christmas trees will appear to adorn all Christian homes. However, behind the Christmas tree as a decoration at Christmas, there are some interesting facts in it.

Did you know that in ancient times, the Pine Tree was not displayed standing as it is today as a decoration on Christmas Day. Instead, the Pine Tree is believed to have been displayed by hanging it upside down in the era of a thousand years ago.

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Without having a variety of decorations like today, the Christmas tree was only left hanging from the ceiling in a room. It is inconceivable how the ancients prepared the Christmas tree before the celebration of Christmas Day.

The second interesting fact about the Christmas Tree is that nowadays the decorations on the Christmas Tree no longer use candles. Now, most Christians have switched to using lamps instead of candles which are said to be decorations on the Christmas tree.

The lights on this Christmas tree are also unique because they generally use red and blue lights. Not a few Christians are curious about who was the first to give this blue and red light decoration on the Christmas tree.

A fairly popular version of the original story of choosing blue and red lights is from the inventor of the bulb itself, Thomas Alfa Edison. It is said that in 1880, Thomas Alfa Edison liked to decorate his office using light.

Until finally in 1882, Thomas Alfa Edison’s colleague installed 80 lights in blue and red as decorations in the room and also a Christmas tree.

Continuing into 1890, the company owned by Thomas Alfa Edison distributed brochures offering services to install lights as Christmas decorations. That is where the many blue and red lights were installed as decorations on the Christmas tree today.

Every Christmas Ornament Has Meaning
The decorations that complement the Christmas tree and other Christmas knick-knacks are not just decorations that beautify Christmas ornaments. However, each of these Christmas decorations has a very valuable meaning. For those who don’t know, here are the reviews summarized from the Herworld website:

  • Round Flowers at the door: this accessory stands for the perfection, unity and warmth of Christmas. If you hang these accessories on doors and windows, there is another meaning that will be obtained, namely luck for anyone who is present and participates in celebrating this moment.
  • Christmas tree: Not just a decoration in the house, but a Christmas tree will protect the family from evil spirits and disease when Christmas comes.
  • Bells: decorative bells hanging on a tree, in front of a door or other, as a symbol of joy and building a happy atmosphere.
  • Tinsel: This ornament is made of metallic colored cardboard which means the light that illuminates the celebration of Christmas.
  • Socks: That said, Santa Claus will give gifts by tucking them in a bag or stocking this Christmas. There are also those who believe these socks with Christmas decorations are specially given and worn when Christmas arrives.
  • Gingerbread Men: This cookie was first made by Queen Elizabeth. Gingerbread Men itself is the meaning of love and love for someone.
  • Candy Cane: three small lines on the candy grout decoration which are shaped like sticks represent the power of Jesus to heal and three outlines mean the blood of Jesus that was spilled on the cross for eternal life.
  • Christmas gifts: On Christmas day, every family, friend or relative will exchange gifts. This has the meaning of giving gifts to others.
  • Santa Claus: Santa Claus as a Christmas accessory can bring gifts and happiness in the joy of Christmas.
  • Stars: Not only accessories that are attached to the Christmas tree, stars are also a sign to meet Jesus.
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The Christmas tree has become synonymous with Christmas celebrations
The Christmas tree decorations seem never to be absent in celebrating the Christian Day. Having historical and spiritual significance, the Christmas Tree has become an icon of Christmas celebrations around the world. Therefore, not a few Christians try to make Christmas tree creations as beautiful as possible.