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Looking back the 6 Generations of BMW 3-Series cars

Luxurious, classy and displaying an aura that stands out are the main characteristics of the BMW 3-Series car. First built in 1975, the BMW 3-Series was transformed into one of the biggest class sedans in the world.

For 4 decades, this series has survived the onslaught of many luxury sedans from Japanese cars and American muscle cars, but Bavarian Motor Works still shows brilliant consistency.

The following are 6 generations of the BMW 3-Series that have been spawned since 1975 until the latest one made in 2012. Some of them are still quite a lot on the market.

1. BMW E21 3-Series
BMW E21 3-SeriesFirst launched in the wilderness of the world’s automotive in 1975 and history records this car has extraordinary charm. Because at that time, BMW’s competitors had not done much in terms of luxury sedans either.

This car lasted up to 10 years of manufacture. With engine sizes varying between 1,573 – 2,315cc. Classic design thick at the tip of the nose on a sharp hood accompanied by a conventional and boxy ‘pignose’.

The most classic uniqueness of this car is the cabin design, because it still doesn’t use the rear door. On the market, the price of this car is still arguably high because it can touch the IDR 50 million mark.

2. BMW E30 3-Series
BMW E30 3-SeriesFast forward before the BMW E21 3-Series was euthanized in 1985, in 1982 there was a successor to the classic luxury sedan. The BMW E30, which may be Otolovers who can still remember it, was used in an Indonesian romantic story film ‘Catatan Si Boy’.

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Armed with a significant engine elevation in its highest variant, the engine range of this car ranges from 1,596 – 3,205cc. And with a maximum power of 238hp, it is clear that this car is not an inferior car.

The front indicator light of this car is then moved under the main headlights. Previously on the E21, indicator lights were located on the right and left side. The price of this car can range from IDR 40 to 60 million depending on conditions.

3. BMW E36 3-Series
BMW E36 3-SeriesJust like the fate of the E30, before the E30 officially discontinued production in 1992, a year earlier the E36 was born with significant innovations, especially in the body and headlamp.

Armed with a maximum engine of up to a 2.8 liter variant, this car is slightly reduced in size for its power output. In the highest variant the E30 has the highest horsepower up to 238, but the highest E36 variant is lowered to a maximum of 193.

The typical BMW twin lights on the right and left are then given a kind of scope to protect it. And a pignose that is usually vertical, is changed to a pignose with a vertical mode. The price of this car on the market can reach IDR 70 million.

4. BMW E46 3-Series
BMW E46 3-SeriesEntering the era of the early 2000s, BMW further strengthened the futuristic side of the 3-Series, especially when the E46 was born in 1998 which became increasingly popular in the 2000s, including in Indonesia.

The curved lines on the grille and face of this car are getting smoother. The machines used are varied from 1,796-2,979cc. And BMW decided to increase the E46’s horsepower boost to touch 231hp. Even though it’s still under the E30.

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This car is the first time for BMW to embed drive by wire, as well as procurement of paddle shift. In the market, the BMW 3-Series E46 car can be priced up to IDR 100 million and can be even more expensive for the facelift and coupe versions.

5. BMW E90 3-Series
BMW E90 3-SeriesContinuing the 3-Series superpower, the E90 then renewed the line-up in 2005 and became the shortest-lived BMW 3-Series car because it was only maintained for 6 years before it stopped production in 2011.

The amazing thing is, the highest variant of the E90 can have a horsepower of up to 306hp. And the E90 is the first 3 Series car that has so much power. The E90 variant has engine variants of 1,995-2,995cc.

Futuristic design, sharper eyes and a widened pose are the main characteristics of this car. Plus the fog lamp that was introduced starting with this series. The price of the E90 on the market can reach IDR 340 million.

6. BMW 320i F30 3-Series
BMW 320i F30 3-SeriesThe latest series in the 3-Series clan was shown in the F30 which was built in 2012. Until now, this car with a beautiful headlamp design has a very large market, including up to Indonesia.

With Sport, Modern and Luxury variants, the F30 has 3 engine options, measuring 1,997cc and 2,979cc for gasoline engines and 1995 for diesel. The maximum horse power of this one car can reach 306hp.

This car has been beautified using an elegant design that is slightly rounded on the nose of the car. The price of the BMW 320i F30, for one, can reach prices of up to IDR 500 million.

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