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Luxury Competition, 5 of the Best British Car Manufacturers in the World

Talking about automotive especially cars is endless. There are many car manufacturers around the world. No exception to the country of 3 British lions. The early industrial age of the country was known as one of the producers of high-quality cars.

British output / brand cars are known for their reliable engine performance and high level of comfort. Even though it has a sky-high price tag, it feels like everything pays off with the quality of the car produced. And we have summarized the 5 best car brands from British land manufacturers.

1. Jaguar
Jaguar Hints At C-X75 Styling For Next-GenPerformance engine is reliable coupled with a ferocious design. And that’s the essence of Jaguar cars. Made with aerodynamic curves, making this car very beautiful to look at. But Jaguar also did not forget to take care of the affairs of the machine. And no doubt the Jaguar will not make you disappointed. Jaguar cars are sold at a price range of IDR 900 million – 3.7 billion depending on type.

2. Aston Martin
Aston Martin DBS SuperleggeraReliable. Maybe that’s what the drivers of this car feel. Is known as a producer of sports car pride of British land. Performance fierce engine and fantastic design, making this car easy to be the center of attention. At least that’s how James Bond has felt for years. Aston Martin cars themselves are sold at a price range of IDR 4.3 – 12 billion depending on type.

3. Bentley
Bentley MulsanneBentley is known for the quality of the car that not only prioritizes the interior and exterior, but also the quality of the kitchen runway that has no question about its capacity. Bentley has a large but elegant body. As well as quality materials outside the plus points for this car. Bentley itself is released in the market with a price range of IDR 4-10 billion depending on the type and circumstances.

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4. Rolls Royce
Rolls RoyceKnown as the car of billionaires and upper class aristocrats. Rolls-Royce car brand that can provide physical and spiritual satisfaction, because having Rolls-Royce is a matter of pride. As an illustration of the business results achieved. Rolls-Royce claims their car is not just a vehicle but also a work of art, done by professional hands. Rolls-Royce is sold at a price range of IDR 9-15 billion, depending on the type and circumstances.

5. Land Rover
Land RoverPower wrapped in luxury. Maybe this is the right word to describe the land Rover brand. For years known as a tough car in all Medan, without reducing the slightest impression of luxury it carries. Carrying a Land Rover is like carrying a war car with the taste of a king’s car. To have a land rover, you have to spend money from IDR 1,2 – 3,4 Billion. According to the type and circumstances.

Well guys, that was the 5 brands of luxury cars from British soil. Hopefully it can broaden your information.