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Minimalist House Concept with Luxurious Architectural Design

The concept of a minimalist home is now increasingly popular among the people, because the cost of construction and home construction is also lower, making it suitable for those who have a limited budget. Nowadays there are many minimalist houses with unique and contemporary architectural designs, so the house will look more luxurious and elegant.

Minimalist homes are designed for 2-4 family members, home building can also be made for one or two levels depending on the needs of the homeowner.

To build a minimalist house also does not require a land that is so broad, so that more efficiency in the management and maintenance of the house.

Minimalist House ConceptHaving a minimalist home does not mean you can not display the style and aesthetics of the home model. With detailed architectural designs, the house will look more beautiful and unique and look luxurious.

Every room, both interior and exterior design can also be arranged creatively so that every square meter and every corner can be used optimally.

Minimalist houses generally have a simpler, plain, and efficient layout with open floor plans, minimal interior walls. That way will put more emphasis on freedom of view.

In order for a minimalist home to look more unique and elegant and look luxurious, here are some concepts that must be considered.

1. Minimalist Home Concept Planning
Minimalist House Concept 2When you want to build a minimalist home, the most important thing is to plan the concept of the house itself. The thing that must be considered is the layout of the room that gives priority to the aspects of function, aesthetics, and practicality.

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Minimalist home architecture design can be designed in advance with the detail – the details so that it will be easier in the process of building the house.

Details in minimalist home architecture can increase the value of the building itself. It also will provide convenience to take care of the building for the owner.

2. Geometrical Building Architecture
Minimalist home building is designed geometrically so that the house looks physically. Minimalist house buildings are generally shaped like cubes or blocks.

While the roof of the house is also not triangular in shape like most houses, but in a flat shape without additions such as decorations or unnecessary indentation models.

3. The function of Glass Window is more optimized
Minimalist House Concept 3The concept of a minimalist home has the characteristics of the intensity of the use of glass. Usually for the front view of a larger window and width so that the view or room also looks wider.

The room with the glass window that is bigger and wider will also give the impression of luxury and elegance to the house.

In addition, natural lighting is also able to provide aesthetic value to the interior of the house such as furniture or living room decoration that looks more alive.

With the use of large windows, air and sunlight can also easily enter the house so that the humidity of the house is also always maintained.

4. Clean and Soft Color Wall Selection
The color of house paint is one of the important elements so that the house looks more beautiful and attracts attention. Choosing the right color for the room will also increase the occupancy to be more comfortable.

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Minimalist home walls are generally dominated by white or gray. With bright colors will look very clean and natural. Both of these color choices also look minimalist and timeless.

With a choice of one or two colors will strengthen the minimalist home design that looks simple, modern and elegant.

5. A More Simple Exterior Design
Minimalist House Concept 4The exterior design of the house or outside area of the building is the first part that people see. Besides looking attractive, exterior design can provide a sense of comfort for all residents of the house.

The architectural design for a minimalist home exterior looks simpler and places more emphasis on things that are essential and functional.

Usually only by planting garden lawn and not many additions of decorations and ornaments to runag the exterior so that it looks more spacious and relieved.

6. Space with a Limiting or Bulkhead
The concept of a minimalist house is more prioritizing space efficiency, so the divider or divider will only make the room look more cramped.

Bulkhead can be used if really needed, so the barrier that is not permanent, such as furniture can be used to limit the family room, dining room, and kitchen,

7. Use of Minimalist Furniture
Minimalist House Concept 5The use of furniture with a minimalist design is perfect for a particular room. Because it does not require a large place but still displays the impression of modern, luxurious and elegant.

A room that uses a minimalist style is more concerned with functions and uses. The same thing in structuring the interior of the room by using furniture.

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Aside from being a decoration, the function of furniture can also be a divider between rooms or other functions.

8. Architectural Design Services
For those of you who are planning to create a concept or planning for the purposes of building a minimalist home it’s good to understand the ins and outs of architectural design first.

Today there are a lot of home interior design and 3D rendering services that you can use to plan to build a modern, family-friendly residence.

You can also choose freelance architectural design according to the budget or according to the criteria you are looking for with a guarantee of security when making transactions.